How Do You Spell GRUBBED?

The word "grubbed" is spelled with the letters g-r-u-b-b-e-d. Its IPA phonetic transcription is /ɡrʌbd/. The first syllable, pronounced as /ɡrʌb/, has a short "u" sound followed by a voiced "b" sound. The second syllable, pronounced as /d/, ends with an unvoiced "d" sound. The word means to dig up roots, clear or prepare the ground, or search for something persistently. Spelling and pronunciation of this word may vary depending on dialect and region.

Common Misspellings for GRUBBED

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Conjugate verb Grubbed


I would grub
we would grub
you would grub
he/she/it would grub
they would grub


I will grub
we will grub
you will grub
he/she/it will grub
they will grub


I will have grubbed
we will have grubbed
you will have grubbed
he/she/it will have grubbed
they will have grubbed


I grubbed
we grubbed
you grubbed
he/she/it grubbed
they grubbed


I had grubbed
we had grubbed
you had grubbed
he/she/it had grubbed
they had grubbed


I grub
we grub
you grub
he/she/it grubs
they grub


I have grubbed
we have grubbed
you have grubbed
he/she/it has grubbed
they have grubbed
I am grubbing
we are grubbing
you are grubbing
he/she/it is grubbing
they are grubbing
I was grubbing
we were grubbing
you were grubbing
he/she/it was grubbing
they were grubbing
I will be grubbing
we will be grubbing
you will be grubbing
he/she/it will be grubbing
they will be grubbing
I have been grubbing
we have been grubbing
you have been grubbing
he/she/it has been grubbing
they have been grubbing
I had been grubbing
we had been grubbing
you had been grubbing
he/she/it had been grubbing
they had been grubbing
I will have been grubbing
we will have been grubbing
you will have been grubbing
he/she/it will have been grubbing
they will have been grubbing
I would have grubbed
we would have grubbed
you would have grubbed
he/she/it would have grubbed
they would have grubbed
I would be grubbing
we would be grubbing
you would be grubbing
he/she/it would be grubbing
they would be grubbing
I would have been grubbing
we would have been grubbing
you would have been grubbing
he/she/it would have been grubbing
they would have been grubbing


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