How Do You Spell GU?

Correct spelling for the English word "gu" is [ɡ_ˈuː], [ɡˈuː], [ɡˈuː]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of GU

  1. of or related to the genital and urinary organs or their functions; "genitourinary infections"

Anagrams of GU

2 letters

Common Misspellings for GU

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Usage Examples for GU

  1. " Sha gu dheine," says another, " them's the wisest words you ever said, Kauth; it's meeself won't contradict you." - "The Irish Fairy Book" by Various
  2. The eighth Immortal is a girl and was called Ho Sian Gu. - "The Chinese Fairy Book" by Various
  3. I was alone in the schoolroom next afternoon when Mr M'Swat sidled in, and after stuttering and hawing a little, delivered himself of: I want to tell ye that I don't hold with a gu- r- r- r- l going out of nights for to meet young men: if ye want to do any coortin' yuz can do it inside, if it's a decent young man. - "My Brilliant Career" by Miles Franklin
  4. N- o, I- I gu- ess not. - "A Flock of Girls and Boys" by Nora Perry

What does gu stand for?

Abbreviation GU means:

  1. Geographically Undesirable
  2. Global Underground