How Do You Spell GULP?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈʌlp] (IPA)

The word "gulp" is spelled as G-U-L-P. It is a monosyllabic word and it refers to the action of taking in a large amount of liquid in one swallow. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, the pronunciation of "gulp" is transcribed as [ɡʌlp], wherein the "g" is pronounced as a voiced velar stop, "ʌ" as a short low-mid back unrounded vowel, and "lp" as a voiced bilabial plosive followed by a voiceless bilabial fricative.

GULP Meaning and Definition

  1. Gulp is a verb that refers to the action of swallowing or ingesting something quickly and in large quantities. It can also involve swallowing something with a quick and audible sound or in a hurried manner.

    The term is often associated with the gulping sound made while drinking or eating rapidly. It implies a sense of urgency or eagerness in the act of consuming, often suggesting that the individual is very hungry or thirsty.

    In a figurative sense, gulp can be used to describe the act of quickly accepting or comprehending something, especially when it comes as a surprise or shock. It indicates a sudden rush of understanding or realization, as if the information was suddenly consumed or absorbed mentally.

    Additionally, gulp can be used metaphorically to describe the act of enduring or accepting something difficult, unpleasant, or challenging, much like swallowing a large or disagreeable substance. In this context, gulp conveys a sense of resignation or bravery in facing a situation.

    Gulp can also be a noun, referring to the amount of liquid swallowed or ingested in a single gulp. It can also describe the sound produced when swallowing, often heard as a loud or noticeable noise.

    Overall, gulp encompasses the actions of swallowing quickly, audibly, and in large amounts, as well as the rapid comprehension or acceptance of information, and the endurance or acceptance of challenging situations.

  2. • To swallow eagerly or in large draughts.
    • As much as can be swallowed at once.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of GULP

The word "gulp" originated from the Middle English word "gulpen", which is believed to have been derived from the Old Norse word "gulpa". In Old Norse, "gulpa" meant "to swallow greedily" or "to gobble". This word ultimately traces back to the Proto-Germanic word "*gulpaną". A related term can also be found in Old High German, where "gulp" meant "gullet" or "throat". Over time, the word "gulp" has evolved to refer to the action of swallowing hastily or in large amounts.

Idioms with the word GULP

  • gulp something back The idiom "gulp something back" means to restrain or suppress an instinctive or emotional response, particularly when experiencing strong feelings such as fear, anger, or sadness. It refers to the act of holding back or swallowing down a visceral reaction, often in order to maintain composure or avoid showing vulnerability.
  • gulp for air The idiom "gulp for air" refers to the act of taking a sudden, desperate, or audible inhalation of breath, typically following physical exertion, an unexpected event, or intense emotions. It conveys the idea of someone needing to catch their breath or recover from a challenging or overwhelming situation.
  • gulp something down The idiom "gulp something down" means to quickly and eagerly consume food or drink without taking the time to chew or savor it. It implies a hurried and sometimes ravenous manner of eating or drinking.
  • gulp back To "gulp back" means to suppress or restrain a strong emotion or reaction, such as swallowing your surprise, fear, or sadness instead of expressing it outwardly. It suggests the act of holding back one's emotions or feelings, usually in an effort to maintain composure or avoid public display of vulnerability.
  • gulp sth down The idiom "gulp something down" means to eat or drink quickly and in large quantities, usually due to hunger, thirst, or limited time. It implies consuming something hastily without taking the time to savor or enjoy it.
  • gulp sth back The idiom "gulp something back" means to restrain or suppress a strong or intense emotion, typically a reaction of fear, sadness, or anger. It refers to the act of swallowing or holding back one's emotions, thoughts, or words, often forcibly or reluctantly.

Similar spelling words for GULP

Plural form of GULP is GULPS

Conjugate verb Gulp


I would have gulped
you would have gulped
he/she/it would have gulped
we would have gulped
they would have gulped


I would have been gulping
you would have been gulping
he/she/it would have been gulping
we would have been gulping
they would have been gulping


I would gulp
you would gulp
he/she/it would gulp
we would gulp
they would gulp


I would be gulping
you would be gulping
he/she/it would be gulping
we would be gulping
they would be gulping


I will gulp
you will gulp
he/she/it will gulp
we will gulp
they will gulp


I will be gulping
you will be gulping
he/she/it will be gulping
we will be gulping
they will be gulping


I will have gulped
you will have gulped
he/she/it will have gulped
we will have gulped
they will have gulped


I will have been gulping
you will have been gulping
he/she/it will have been gulping
we will have been gulping
they will have been gulping


we Let´s gulp


I was gulping
you were gulping
he/she/it was gulping
we were gulping
they were gulping




I had gulped
you had gulped
he/she/it had gulped
we had gulped
they had gulped


I had been gulping
you had been gulping
he/she/it had been gulping
we had been gulping
they had been gulping


I gulp
you gulp
he/she/it gulps
we gulp
they gulp


I am gulping
you are gulping
he/she/it is gulping
we are gulping
they are gulping




I have gulped
you have gulped
he/she/it has gulped
we have gulped
they have gulped


I have been gulping
you have been gulping
he/she/it has been gulping
we have been gulping
they have been gulping


he/she/it gulp


I gulped
you gulped
he/she/it gulped
we gulped
they gulped


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