How Do You Spell H'S?

The spelling of the word "h's" is a matter of controversy. This is because the letter "h" is inherently silent - it does not have a sound of its own unless it is combined with certain other letters. Therefore, it might seem unnecessary to spell out "h's" rather than simply using the word "hs". However, some style guides and dictionaries do recommend including the apostrophe in order to make it clear that the "h" is meant to be pronounced. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word would be spelled /ˈeɪtʃɪz/.

Common Misspellings for H'S

  • h'sx
  • h'ds
  • h'sd
  • h'se
  • h'ws
  • h'sw
  • h'
  • hh's
  • h''s
  • h'ss
  • h'3
  • h'c
  • h'q
  • h'r
  • h 's
  • h' s