How Do You Spell H-1B VISA?

The h-1b visa is a frequently discussed topic in the United States. The phonetic transcription of this term is /ˌeɪtʃ.wʌ vɪzə/. "H" is pronounced as "aitch," "1" as "wun," "b" as "bee," and "visa" as "vɪzə." This visa is designed to allow highly skilled foreign workers to temporarily work in the US for a specific employer. While the spelling may seem complicated, understanding the IPA phonetic system can help in accurately pronouncing and spelling words like h-1b visa.

Common Misspellings for H-1B VISA

  • g-1b visa
  • b-1b visa
  • n-1b visa
  • j-1b visa
  • u-1b visa
  • y-1b visa
  • h01b visa
  • hp1b visa
  • h-2b visa
  • h-qb visa
  • h-1v visa
  • h-1n visa
  • h-1h visa
  • h-1g visa
  • h-1b cisa
  • h-1b bisa
  • h-1b gisa
  • h-1b fisa
  • h-1b vusa
  • h-1b vjsa

2 words made out of letters H-1B VISA

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