How Do You Spell HAM?

Correct spelling for the English word "ham" is [h_ˈa_m], [hˈam], [hˈam]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for HAM

Below is the list of 342 misspellings for the word "ham".

Similar spelling words for HAM

Plural form of HAM is HAMS

Definition of HAM

  1. ham, n. the back of the thigh: the thigh of an animal, esp. of a hog salted and dried. [A.S. hamm; cf. dial. Ger. hamme.]

Anagrams of HAM

2 letters

Usage Examples for HAM

  1. Old Peggotty and Ham are, of course, impossible. - "Idle Ideas in 1905" by Jerome K. Jerome
  2. The first time it was a pocket- book and three dollars, and the second time it was a ham. - "The Other Fellow" by F. Hopkinson Smith
  3. I found a place where you can get regular ham and eggs." - "Ruggles of Red Gap" by Harry Leon Wilson
  4. Mother, shall I give you some ham? - "Our Bessie" by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  5. Chips carried the big, heavy ham, and Johnnie was keeping firm hold of a hen, who stretched her neck and looked very uncomfortable in her quarters under his arm. - "Jewel's Story Book" by Clara Louise Burnham

What does ham stand for?

Abbreviation HAM means:

  1. Hot Asian Money
  2. Hold And Modify

Conjugate verb Ham


I would ham
we would ham
you would ham
he/she/it would ham
they would ham


I will ham
we will ham
you will ham
he/she/it will ham
they will ham


I will have hammed
we will have hammed
you will have hammed
he/she/it will have hammed
they will have hammed


I hammed
we hammed
you hammed
he/she/it hammed
they hammed


I had hammed
we had hammed
you had hammed
he/she/it had hammed
they had hammed


I ham
we ham
you ham
he/she/it hams
they ham


I have hammed
we have hammed
you have hammed
he/she/it has hammed
they have hammed
I am hamming
we are hamming
you are hamming
he/she/it is hamming
they are hamming
I was hamming
we were hamming
you were hamming
he/she/it was hamming
they were hamming
I will be hamming
we will be hamming
you will be hamming
he/she/it will be hamming
they will be hamming
I have been hamming
we have been hamming
you have been hamming
he/she/it has been hamming
they have been hamming
I had been hamming
we had been hamming
you had been hamming
he/she/it had been hamming
they had been hamming
I will have been hamming
we will have been hamming
you will have been hamming
he/she/it will have been hamming
they will have been hamming
I would have hammed
we would have hammed
you would have hammed
he/she/it would have hammed
they would have hammed
I would be hamming
we would be hamming
you would be hamming
he/she/it would be hamming
they would be hamming
I would have been hamming
we would have been hamming
you would have been hamming
he/she/it would have been hamming
they would have been hamming