How Do You Spell HARKS?

Harks is a verb that means to listen attentively or to heed. The spelling of harks is phonetically represented as /hɑːks/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet. The /h/ sound indicates aspiration and the /ɑː/ sound indicates an open back vowel. The /k/ sound represents a voiceless velar plosive. The spelling of harks, although rare, is a legitimate word in English language and can be used in contexts that require a more formal or old-fashioned tone, such as in literature or poetry.

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Conjugate verb Harks


I would hark
we would hark
you would hark
he/she/it would hark
they would hark


I will hark
we will hark
you will hark
he/she/it will hark
they will hark


I will have harked
we will have harked
you will have harked
he/she/it will have harked
they will have harked


I harked
we harked
you harked
he/she/it harked
they harked


I had harked
we had harked
you had harked
he/she/it had harked
they had harked


I hark
we hark
you hark
he/she/it harks
they hark


I have harked
we have harked
you have harked
he/she/it has harked
they have harked
I am harking
we are harking
you are harking
he/she/it is harking
they are harking
I was harking
we were harking
you were harking
he/she/it was harking
they were harking
I will be harking
we will be harking
you will be harking
he/she/it will be harking
they will be harking
I have been harking
we have been harking
you have been harking
he/she/it has been harking
they have been harking
I had been harking
we had been harking
you had been harking
he/she/it had been harking
they had been harking
I will have been harking
we will have been harking
you will have been harking
he/she/it will have been harking
they will have been harking
I would have harked
we would have harked
you would have harked
he/she/it would have harked
they would have harked
I would be harking
we would be harking
you would be harking
he/she/it would be harking
they would be harking
I would have been harking
we would have been harking
you would have been harking
he/she/it would have been harking
they would have been harking


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