How Do You Spell HARROWED?

The word "harrowed" is spelled with two Rs and one W. Its phonetic transcription is /ˈhæroʊd/. The first two letters, "ha", represent the /h/ sound, followed by the /æ/ vowel sound. The letter R is pronounced with a rolling sound in the middle of the word, and the /oʊ/ diphthong is followed by the letter W, which represents the /w/ sound. This word refers to the process of plowing a field with a harrow, leaving it clean and smooth for planting.

Common Misspellings for HARROWED

Similar spelling words for HARROWED

16 words made out of letters HARROWED

Conjugate verb Harrowed


I would harrow
we would harrow
you would harrow
he/she/it would harrow
they would harrow


I will harrow
we will harrow
you will harrow
he/she/it will harrow
they will harrow


I will have harrowed
we will have harrowed
you will have harrowed
he/she/it will have harrowed
they will have harrowed


I harrowed
we harrowed
you harrowed
he/she/it harrowed
they harrowed


I had harrowed
we had harrowed
you had harrowed
he/she/it had harrowed
they had harrowed


I harrow
we harrow
you harrow
he/she/it harrows
they harrow


I have harrowed
we have harrowed
you have harrowed
he/she/it has harrowed
they have harrowed
I am harrowing
we are harrowing
you are harrowing
he/she/it is harrowing
they are harrowing
I was harrowing
we were harrowing
you were harrowing
he/she/it was harrowing
they were harrowing
I will be harrowing
we will be harrowing
you will be harrowing
he/she/it will be harrowing
they will be harrowing
I have been harrowing
we have been harrowing
you have been harrowing
he/she/it has been harrowing
they have been harrowing
I had been harrowing
we had been harrowing
you had been harrowing
he/she/it had been harrowing
they had been harrowing
I will have been harrowing
we will have been harrowing
you will have been harrowing
he/she/it will have been harrowing
they will have been harrowing
I would have harrowed
we would have harrowed
you would have harrowed
he/she/it would have harrowed
they would have harrowed
I would be harrowing
we would be harrowing
you would be harrowing
he/she/it would be harrowing
they would be harrowing
I would have been harrowing
we would have been harrowing
you would have been harrowing
he/she/it would have been harrowing
they would have been harrowing


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