How Do You Spell HAU?

The word "Hau" can be spelled using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as /haʊ/. This consists of two sounds, the first being the consonant sound "h" and the second being the diphthong (a combination of two vowel sounds) "au". The "au" sound is similar to the vowel sound in the word "how", hence the phonetic spelling of "Hau". The spelling of this word may vary depending on the language and context it is used in.

Common Misspellings for HAU

  • jhau
  • hjau
  • huau
  • yhau
  • hyau
  • hzau
  • hsau
  • hwau
  • hawu
  • hqau
  • haqu
  • ha8u
  • hau8
  • ha7u
  • hau7
  • hhau
  • haau
  • h au
  • ha u

Similar spelling words for HAU

5 words made out of letters HAU

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3 letters


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