How Do You Spell HAWED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Hawed" is [h_ˈɔː_d], [hˈɔːd], [hˈɔːd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for HAWED

Below is the list of 112 misspellings for the word "hawed".

Similar spelling words for HAWED

Definition of HAWED

  1. of Haw

Anagrams of HAWED

5 letters

  • hawed.

4 letters

3 letters

Usage Examples for HAWED

  1. " Of course I hummed and hawed, and made a great favour of consenting to his proposal, though really I was delighted to have such a chance. - "Maiwa's Revenge The War of the Little Hand" by H. Rider Haggard
  2. To'oto'o's face grew several shades darker at the suggestion, and though I promised him twenty dollars out of hand for himself and two kegs of beef and three tins of biscuit by way of peace offering to Papalangi Mativa, he hemmed and hawed and finally said no. - "Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas" by Lloyd Osbourne

Conjugate verb Hawed


I would haw
we would haw
you would haw
he/she/it would haw
they would haw


I will haw
we will haw
you will haw
he/she/it will haw
they will haw


I will have hawed
we will have hawed
you will have hawed
he/she/it will have hawed
they will have hawed


I hawed
we hawed
you hawed
he/she/it hawed
they hawed


I had hawed
we had hawed
you had hawed
he/she/it had hawed
they had hawed


I haw
we haw
you haw
he/she/it haws
they haw


I have hawed
we have hawed
you have hawed
he/she/it has hawed
they have hawed
I am hawing
we are hawing
you are hawing
he/she/it is hawing
they are hawing
I was hawing
we were hawing
you were hawing
he/she/it was hawing
they were hawing
I will be hawing
we will be hawing
you will be hawing
he/she/it will be hawing
they will be hawing
I have been hawing
we have been hawing
you have been hawing
he/she/it has been hawing
they have been hawing
I had been hawing
we had been hawing
you had been hawing
he/she/it had been hawing
they had been hawing
I will have been hawing
we will have been hawing
you will have been hawing
he/she/it will have been hawing
they will have been hawing
I would have hawed
we would have hawed
you would have hawed
he/she/it would have hawed
they would have hawed
I would be hawing
we would be hawing
you would be hawing
he/she/it would be hawing
they would be hawing
I would have been hawing
we would have been hawing
you would have been hawing
he/she/it would have been hawing
they would have been hawing