How Do You Spell HAZY SKY?

The correct spelling of the phrase "hazy sky" is /ˈheɪzi skaɪ/. The first sound in "hazy" is the long "a" sound, followed by a "z" sound and a short "i" sound. The second word, "sky," is spelled the way it sounds, with a long "i" sound and a consonant "k." The phrase describes a sky that is partially obscured by a hazy or foggy atmosphere. In this case, proper spelling and pronunciation help convey meaning to the reader or listener.

Common Misspellings for HAZY SKY

  • gazy sky
  • bazy sky
  • nazy sky
  • jazy sky
  • uazy sky
  • yazy sky
  • hzzy sky
  • hszy sky
  • hwzy sky
  • hqzy sky
  • haxy sky
  • hasy sky
  • haay sky
  • hazt sky
  • hazg sky
  • hazh sky
  • hazu sky
  • haz7 sky
  • haz6 sky
  • hazy aky

Plural form of HAZY SKY is HAZY SKIES

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