How Do You Spell HEARS?

The word "hears" is spelled with the letters h-e-a-r-s. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is represented as /hɪərz/. The "h" represents the voiceless glottal fricative sound, followed by the "i" represented as /ɪ/ for the short vowel sound. The "ea" is a diphthong pronounced as /ɪə/. The letter "r" is pronounced as an alveolar approximant, represented as /r/. Finally, the letter "s" is pronounced as a voiceless alveolar fricative, represented as /z/. Together, these sounds create the word "hears".

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Conjugate verb Hears


I would hear
we would hear
you would hear
he/she/it would hear
they would hear


I will hear
we will hear
you will hear
he/she/it will hear
they will hear


I will have heard
we will have heard
you will have heard
he/she/it will have heard
they will have heard


I heard
we heard
you heard
he/she/it heard
they heard


I had heard
we had heard
you had heard
he/she/it had heard
they had heard


I hear
we hear
you hear
he/she/it hears
they hear


I have heard
we have heard
you have heard
he/she/it has heard
they have heard
I am hearing
we are hearing
you are hearing
he/she/it is hearing
they are hearing
I was hearing
we were hearing
you were hearing
he/she/it was hearing
they were hearing
I will be hearing
we will be hearing
you will be hearing
he/she/it will be hearing
they will be hearing
I have been hearing
we have been hearing
you have been hearing
he/she/it has been hearing
they have been hearing
I had been hearing
we had been hearing
you had been hearing
he/she/it had been hearing
they had been hearing
I will have been hearing
we will have been hearing
you will have been hearing
he/she/it will have been hearing
they will have been hearing
I would have heard
we would have heard
you would have heard
he/she/it would have heard
they would have heard
I would be hearing
we would be hearing
you would be hearing
he/she/it would be hearing
they would be hearing
I would have been hearing
we would have been hearing
you would have been hearing
he/she/it would have been hearing
they would have been hearing


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