How Do You Spell HEATS?

Correct spelling for the English word "heats" is [h_ˈiː_t_s], [hˈiːts], [hˈiːts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for HEATS

Below is the list of 245 misspellings for the word "heats".

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Anagrams of HEATS

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Usage Examples for HEATS

  1. Where there are half a dozen fours in training, two heats of three boats each are rowed the first day, and the finals between the best two crews on the following day. - "An American at Oxford" by John Corbin
  2. For upwards of twenty years after I as a small child made his acquaintance he continued faithfully pursuing his dreary rounds, exposed to cold and rain in winter and to the more trying heats of summer; until at last he was discovered lying dead on the plain, wasted by old age and famine to a mere skeleton, and even in death still crushed down with that awful burden he had carried for so many years. - "Far Away and Long Ago" by W. H. Hudson

Conjugate verb Heats


I would heat
we would heat
you would heat
he/she/it would heat
they would heat


I will heat
we will heat
you will heat
he/she/it will heat
they will heat


I will have heated
we will have heated
you will have heated
he/she/it will have heated
they will have heated


I heated
we heated
you heated
he/she/it heated
they heated


I had heated
we had heated
you had heated
he/she/it had heated
they had heated


I heat
we heat
you heat
he/she/it heats
they heat


I have heated
we have heated
you have heated
he/she/it has heated
they have heated
I am heating
we are heating
you are heating
he/she/it is heating
they are heating
I was heating
we were heating
you were heating
he/she/it was heating
they were heating
I will be heating
we will be heating
you will be heating
he/she/it will be heating
they will be heating
I have been heating
we have been heating
you have been heating
he/she/it has been heating
they have been heating
I had been heating
we had been heating
you had been heating
he/she/it had been heating
they had been heating
I will have been heating
we will have been heating
you will have been heating
he/she/it will have been heating
they will have been heating
I would have heated
we would have heated
you would have heated
he/she/it would have heated
they would have heated
I would be heating
we would be heating
you would be heating
he/she/it would be heating
they would be heating
I would have been heating
we would have been heating
you would have been heating
he/she/it would have been heating
they would have been heating