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Pronunciation: [hˈa͡ɪt] (IPA)

The word 'height' is a noun that refers to the vertical extent of an object or a person from its base to the top. The IPA phonetic transcription for 'height' is /haɪt/, where the first sound is 'h' as in 'hat', followed by the diphthong 'ai' as in 'bait', and ending with the voiceless dental fricative 't', like in 'treat'. The spelling of this word can be tricky because the 'gh' in the middle is silent and only serves to indicate that the 'ei' represents the long 'i' sound.

HEIGHT Meaning and Definition

  1. Height is a noun that refers to the measurement of how tall someone or something is, typically from the base to the top. It can also describe the vertical distance between two points or objects, generally indicating the extent or elevation of something in relation to the ground or other reference point.

    In the context of a person, height measures the distance between their feet and the highest point on their head when standing upright. Height in humans is commonly measured in units such as feet or centimeters. It is an essential physical characteristic that varies among individuals due to genetic and environmental factors, including nutrition, age, and overall health.

    When discussing the height of an object or structure, it represents the vertical dimension that indicates how tall it is or the altitude it reaches. For example, the height of a building signifies the number of floors or stories it has or the distance from the ground to its highest point. Similarly, the height of a mountain reflects its peak or summit's highest elevation above sea level.

    Height can also be used metaphorically to allude to the level or extent of something. For instance, it can refer to the degree of excellence, significance, or eminence achieved by a person or their reputation in a particular field. In this sense, height implies a notable position or a remarkable level of achievement.

  2. Distance above the ground; elevated ground; a hill; altitude of any thing or person; elevation of rank, excellence, or fame; highest state; crisis.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of HEIGHT

The word "height" originated from the Middle English word "heighthe" which evolved from the Old English word "hēahþu", both of which mean the same. The Old English word is composed of two elements: "hēah" meaning "high" or "tall" and "þu" meaning "quality" or "condition". In other words, the word "height" stems from the concept of being tall or having a great vertical measurement, which is derived from its Old English roots.

Idioms with the word HEIGHT

  • the height of sth The idiom "the height of something" refers to the most extreme or utmost point or degree of a particular thing or situation. It signifies reaching the peak, pinnacle, or maximum level thereof.
  • at the height of sth The idiom "at the height of something" refers to the peak or most intense point of a particular situation, phenomenon, or activity. It indicates that something is at its maximum or most extreme state or level.
  • at the height of The idiom "at the height of" refers to the pinnacle or peak of a situation or phenomenon, when it is at its most intense, extensive, or influential period. It suggests that something has reached its maximum level of development, popularity, or power.
  • the height of (something) The idiom "the height of (something)" refers to the pinnacle or utmost point or degree of a particular quality, attribute, or situation. It denotes the peak or maximum level that something can attain. It implies that something has reached its most extreme or intensified state.
  • draw (oneself) up to (one's) full height The idiom "draw (oneself) up to (one's) full height" means to stand in an upright and proud manner, often with a straightened back and head held high. It implies an act of displaying confidence, dignity, and self-assurance, typically in response to a challenging or intimidating situation.
  • rise to (one's) full height The idiom "rise to (one's) full height" means to adopt a posture that demonstrates confidence, dignity, and assertiveness. It suggests that someone is asserting their authority or standing up for themselves, often in response to a challenge or confrontation. It implies a physical and metaphorical elevation, presenting oneself as powerful and commanding.
  • at the height of something The idiom "at the height of something" means at the peak or pinnacle of a particular situation, condition, or period, when something is at its most intense, maximum, or successful state.
  • draw yourself up/rise to your full height The idiom "draw yourself up" or "rise to your full height" is used to describe the action of physically straightening oneself to appear more confident, assertive, or dignified in a situation. It signifies an individual's attempt to project a sense of pride, determination, or authority by standing tall and erect. It often suggests a response to a challenging or intimidating circumstance, where the person seeks to display their self-assurance or strength.

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Plural form of HEIGHT is HEIGHTS


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