Pronunciation: [hˈa͡ɪtənɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "heightening" is spelled with silent letters, making it somewhat tricky to get right. The first syllable is pronounced /ˈhaɪt/ and is spelled "height" because of the "gh" combination, which is pronounced like an "h." The second syllable is pronounced /niŋ/ and is spelled "en" with a silent "e" at the end. The final "ing" suffix is pronounced /ɪŋ/ and indicates an action in progress. Overall, the correct spelling and pronunciation of "heightening" is key to communicating effectively and avoiding confusion.

HEIGHTENING Meaning and Definition

  1. Heightening is a verb that refers to the act of increasing or intensifying something, typically in terms of its degree, intensity, or importance. It involves raising or elevating the level or magnitude of a particular attribute or quality. Heightening is commonly used in various contexts to describe the process or result of making something more pronounced, significant, or extreme.

    In artistic or creative endeavors, heightening can refer to enhancing the impact or emotional intensity of a performance, story, or visual representation. This could involve increasing dramatic tension, intensifying sensory experiences, or deepening the connection with the audience. In this sense, heightening is a technique used to captivate and engage viewers or readers by creating a more dynamic or stimulating experience.

    In a social or personal context, heightening can describe the act of augmenting or boosting certain behaviors, characteristics, or emotions. For example, one might intentionally heighten their physical appearance to attract attention or increase their self-confidence. Similarly, heightening one's awareness or focus can be a means of improving performance or productivity.

    Overall, heightening involves the deliberate act of making something more intense, extreme, or significant, often with the goal of eliciting a stronger response or impact. It can manifest in various aspects of life, from the arts to personal relationships or self-improvement endeavors.

  2. The making high; exaltation.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of HEIGHTENING

The word "heightening" is derived from the verb "heighten", which comes from the Middle English "heighthen", and ultimately from the Old English "hehthinian". This Old English term combines two elements: "heh" meaning "high" and the suffix "-thian", which is a causative verb form. Over time, "hehthinian" evolved into "heighten" in Middle English, and "heightening" is the gerund form of the verb.

Similar spelling words for HEIGHTENING


Conjugate verb Heightening


I would heighten
we would heighten
you would heighten
he/she/it would heighten
they would heighten


I will heighten
we will heighten
you will heighten
he/she/it will heighten
they will heighten


I will have heightened
we will have heightened
you will have heightened
he/she/it will have heightened
they will have heightened


I heightened
we heightened
you heightened
he/she/it heightened
they heightened


I had heightened
we had heightened
you had heightened
he/she/it had heightened
they had heightened


I heighten
we heighten
you heighten
he/she/it heightens
they heighten


I have heightened
we have heightened
you have heightened
he/she/it has heightened
they have heightened
I am heightening
we are heightening
you are heightening
he/she/it is heightening
they are heightening
I was heightening
we were heightening
you were heightening
he/she/it was heightening
they were heightening
I will be heightening
we will be heightening
you will be heightening
he/she/it will be heightening
they will be heightening
I have been heightening
we have been heightening
you have been heightening
he/she/it has been heightening
they have been heightening
I had been heightening
we had been heightening
you had been heightening
he/she/it had been heightening
they had been heightening
I will have been heightening
we will have been heightening
you will have been heightening
he/she/it will have been heightening
they will have been heightening
I would have heightened
we would have heightened
you would have heightened
he/she/it would have heightened
they would have heightened
I would be heightening
we would be heightening
you would be heightening
he/she/it would be heightening
they would be heightening
I would have been heightening
we would have been heightening
you would have been heightening
he/she/it would have been heightening
they would have been heightening


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