How Do You Spell HERM?

Correct spelling for the English word "herm" is [hˈɜːm], [hˈɜːm], [h_ˈɜː_m]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for HERM

Plural form of HERM is HERMS

Anagrams of HERM

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Usage Examples for HERM

  1. Mit einer Einleitung Aug Herm. - "Autobiography of Friedrich Froebel" by Friedrich Froebel
  2. We find many primitive idols in this form- a cone or column with a head and perhaps arms and feet added to it; and the tradition survives in the herm, or in the mask of Dionysus attached to a post, round which we still see the Maenads dancing on fifth- century vases. - "Religion and Art in Ancient Greece" by Ernest Arthur Gardner

What does herm stand for?

Abbreviation HERM means:

  1. Higher-Order Entity-Relationship Model
  2. Higher Education Resources Menu