How Do You Spell HI?

The word "hi" is a simple greeting commonly used in English. It is spelled with only two letters but has a unique phonetic transcription of /haɪ/. The first sound, /h/, is produced by exhaling air through a wide-open mouth; the second sound, /aɪ/, is a diphthong made up of two vowels: /a/ and /ɪ/. The /a/ starts in the middle of the mouth and moves towards the back, while the /ɪ/ starts at the front of the mouth and moves towards the middle. Together, they create the two-syllable sound of "hi."

Top Common Misspellings for HI *

  • hii 16.2601626%
  • hsi 8.1300813%
  • hei 5.6910569%
  • hy 5.6910569%
  • hai 4.0650406%
  • hio 3.2520325%
  • hir 1.6260162%
  • hiu 1.6260162%
  • hu 1.6260162%
  • ahi 1.6260162%
  • hiw 1.6260162%
  • whi 0.8130081%
  • hti 0.8130081%

* The statistics data for these misspellings percentages are collected from over 15,411,110 spell check sessions on from Jan 2010 - Jun 2012.

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