How Do You Spell HIKES?

Pronunciation: [hˈa͡ɪks] (IPA)

The word "hikes" is spelled with the letter "e" after the "k" to indicate the "s" sound at the end of the word. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word is pronounced /haɪks/. The "h" sound is represented by the letter "h", the "ai" sound is represented by the letters "ai", and the "k" sound followed by the "s" sound is represented by the letter "ks". The spelling of "hikes" follows standard English phonetic rules for adding "s" to make a noun plural.

HIKES Meaning and Definition

  1. Hikes refers to the plural form of the verb "hike." A hike is an action of walking or trekking through natural or rugged terrain, typically for enjoyment, exercise, or exploration purposes. It involves traversing hills, mountains, forests, or other outdoor landscapes, often following marked trails or paths. Hikes can vary in difficulty, length, and intensity, catering to different levels of physical fitness and experience.

    Hikes are frequently undertaken as recreational activities, promoting personal well-being, physical fitness, and mental rejuvenation. They provide opportunities for individuals to connect with nature, experience solitude or camaraderie, and witness scenic beauty or wildlife. Hikes can be organized as guided tours or undertaken independently, allowing individuals to set their own pace and choose their preferred routes.

    In addition to their leisure aspect, hikes can also serve utilitarian purposes such as transporting goods or reaching remote locations or landmarks. They have been historically employed as means of transportation, trade routes, or pilgrimage trails.

    The popularity of hiking as a recreational activity has grown significantly, leading to the establishment of national parks, protected areas, and designated hiking trails worldwide. As such, hiking has become a global phenomenon, attracting enthusiasts and adventurers who engage in various forms of hiking, ranging from leisurely walks to challenging mountain ascents.

Common Misspellings for HIKES

Etymology of HIKES

The word "hikes" is derived from the verb "hike", which originated from the United States in the mid-19th century. "Hike" itself is believed to have originated from the Scandinavian word "hika" or "hikka", meaning "to move quickly". Over time, "hike" came to be associated with walking or traveling vigorously or energetically through nature, often characterized by climbing or ascending slopes. The noun form "hike" also emerged to refer to a long, vigorous walk or trek, particularly in a natural or outdoor setting. From this, the plural form "hikes" is formed to denote multiple instances of hiking.

Similar spelling words for HIKES

Conjugate verb Hikes


I would hike
we would hike
you would hike
he/she/it would hike
they would hike


I will hike
we will hike
you will hike
he/she/it will hike
they will hike


I will have hiked
we will have hiked
you will have hiked
he/she/it will have hiked
they will have hiked


I hiked
we hiked
you hiked
he/she/it hiked
they hiked


I had hiked
we had hiked
you had hiked
he/she/it had hiked
they had hiked


I hike
we hike
you hike
he/she/it hikes
they hike


I have hiked
we have hiked
you have hiked
he/she/it has hiked
they have hiked
I am hiking
we are hiking
you are hiking
he/she/it is hiking
they are hiking
I was hiking
we were hiking
you were hiking
he/she/it was hiking
they were hiking
I will be hiking
we will be hiking
you will be hiking
he/she/it will be hiking
they will be hiking
I have been hiking
we have been hiking
you have been hiking
he/she/it has been hiking
they have been hiking
I had been hiking
we had been hiking
you had been hiking
he/she/it had been hiking
they had been hiking
I will have been hiking
we will have been hiking
you will have been hiking
he/she/it will have been hiking
they will have been hiking
I would have hiked
we would have hiked
you would have hiked
he/she/it would have hiked
they would have hiked
I would be hiking
we would be hiking
you would be hiking
he/she/it would be hiking
they would be hiking
I would have been hiking
we would have been hiking
you would have been hiking
he/she/it would have been hiking
they would have been hiking


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