How Do You Spell HIP?

Pronunciation: [hˈɪp] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "hip" is quite simple, but its pronunciation can be tricky for non-native English speakers. In IPA phonetic transcription, "hip" is spelled /hɪp/. The first sound is a voiceless glottal fricative followed by a short "i" sound, and then a voiceless bilabial stop. When speaking, it's important to stress the first sound, as it sets the foundation for the rest of the word. Mastering such simple words like "hip" will help learners become more confident in their spoken English.

HIP Meaning and Definition

Hip (adjective) is a term that encompasses a range of meanings and is used to describe something or someone who is trendy, fashionable, or stylish. This term is often associated with the latest trends and fashions in various aspects of culture, such as music, fashion, art, or lifestyles.

In popular culture, being hip implies being knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest trends, especially within the youth or counterculture movements. Those who are hip are often seen as trendsetters or tastemakers, influencing others through their unique sense of style or preferences. The term can be applied to various contexts, such as describing a hip neighborhood with trendy boutiques, bars, and cafes, or someone with an unconventional and cool fashion sense.

Furthermore, being hip can also refer to being culturally aware or socially progressive. It is associated with an open-mindedness and an acceptance of a diverse range of ideas, beliefs, or lifestyles. It is often linked with being at the forefront of social change and embracing progressive values.

Overall, being hip is about being in tune with the current cultural climate, staying ahead of the curve, and embodying a sense of individuality and authenticity. It represents an attitude of independence and nonconformity, where one consciously seeks out what is new, innovative, and cutting-edge.

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Etymology of HIP

The word "hip" has an interesting etymology. It originated in the late Old English language as "heope", derived from the Germanic word "hiuf" or "hiob" (pronounced "heeoop"). The meaning of "heope" was mainly related to the fruit of the rose, specifically the part that surrounds the seed (commonly known as the rose hip today). Over time, this word underwent changes and adaptations in different languages and dialects.

In Middle English, the word transformed into "heppe" or "hyppe", which evolved to mean the "fruit of the wild rose". It further expanded its meaning to refer to "the fruit of various berries and fruits with a similar shape". By the 16th century, the spelling shifted to "hip", and the word's usage began extending beyond the botanical sense.

Idioms with the word HIP

  • shoot from the hip The idiom "shoot from the hip" means to speak or act in a spontaneous, impulsive, or unrestrained manner without carefully considering the potential consequences. It refers to someone who expresses their thoughts or makes decisions quickly without taking the time to analyze the situation or gather all the relevant information.
  • joined at the hip The idiom "joined at the hip" means two or more people who are always together, closely connected, or inseparable. It is often used to describe individuals who have an exceptionally strong bond or who are constantly seen together.
  • be joined at the hip The idiom "be joined at the hip" is used to describe a close relationship between two people or entities who are inseparable and always together. It implies a strong bond or connection between the individuals or groups involved, suggesting that they are always seen or working together as if physically attached at the hip.
  • on the hip The idiom "on the hip" typically refers to someone having complete control or influence over another person, often in a negative or manipulative way. It can also mean being burdened or responsible for something.
  • smite hip and thigh
  • get (or be) hip to The idiom "get (or be) hip to" refers to becoming aware, understanding, or knowledgeable about something. It often means catching up with the latest trends, ideas, or information. It can also indicate developing an appreciation or a taste for something that was previously unfamiliar or less appealing.
  • fire from the hip The idiom "fire from the hip" is often used to describe someone who speaks or acts quickly, impulsively, and without forethought or consideration for the consequences. It refers to a spontaneous reaction or decision made without careful consideration or planning.
  • in (one's) hip pocket The idiom "in (one's) hip pocket" refers to a situation where someone has complete control or influence over someone else. It means having someone under strict control, often due to having compromising information, leverage, or a strong influence over their actions or decisions.
  • in the hip pocket of (someone) The idiom "in the hip pocket of (someone)" typically refers to being under the influence, control, or favor of someone else. It suggests that one is completely submissive, obedient, or beholden to another person. It implies a strong dependency or reliance on someone, often with an element of being manipulated or used for personal gain.
  • in someone's hip pocket The idiom "in someone's hip pocket" typically means that someone has a strong influence or control over another person. It suggests that the person being described is closely aligned with or under the control of someone else, usually in a way that is advantageous to the person exerting their influence.
  • hip-shooter The idiom "hip-shooter" refers to a person who acts or makes decisions hastily, without thinking or planning. It describes someone who relies on their instincts, impulsiveness, or intuition rather than thoroughly considering the consequences or taking a more deliberate approach. This term often conveys a sense of unpredictability or risk-taking behavior.
  • hit me on the hip

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