How Do You Spell HIRES?

Correct spelling for the English word "Hires" is [h_ˈaɪə_z], [hˈa͡ɪ͡əz], [hˈa‍ɪ‍əz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for HIRES

Below is the list of 185 misspellings for the word "hires".

Similar spelling words for HIRES

Definition of HIRES

  1. Alt. of Hirs

Anagrams of HIRES

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Usage Examples for HIRES

  1. " He hires pages to come to him in the Park with three- cornered notes," said Fanny, " he opens each with affected nonchalance; looks full at the bearer; and cries aloud- 'Tell your mistress I cannot refuse her: '- then canters off, with the air of a man persecuted to death!" - "Godolphin, Volume 2." by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. " I am going upon a secret mission"- and here I sank my voice to a whisper for his ears alone-" in the service of the house that hires you, as for yourself you might easily have inferred. - "The Shame of Motley" by Raphael Sabatini

What does Hires stand for?

Abbreviation HIRES means:

  1. Hiring Information Recruiting Enhancement System
  2. High-Resolution EUV Spectroheliometer

Conjugate verb Hires


I would hire
we would hire
you would hire
he/she/it would hire
they would hire


I will hire
we will hire
you will hire
he/she/it will hire
they will hire


I will have hired
we will have hired
you will have hired
he/she/it will have hired
they will have hired


I hired
we hired
you hired
he/she/it hired
they hired


I had hired
we had hired
you had hired
he/she/it had hired
they had hired


I hire
we hire
you hire
he/she/it hires
they hire


I have hired
we have hired
you have hired
he/she/it has hired
they have hired
I am hiring
we are hiring
you are hiring
he/she/it is hiring
they are hiring
I was hiring
we were hiring
you were hiring
he/she/it was hiring
they were hiring
I will be hiring
we will be hiring
you will be hiring
he/she/it will be hiring
they will be hiring
I have been hiring
we have been hiring
you have been hiring
he/she/it has been hiring
they have been hiring
I had been hiring
we had been hiring
you had been hiring
he/she/it had been hiring
they had been hiring
I will have been hiring
we will have been hiring
you will have been hiring
he/she/it will have been hiring
they will have been hiring
I would have hired
we would have hired
you would have hired
he/she/it would have hired
they would have hired
I would be hiring
we would be hiring
you would be hiring
he/she/it would be hiring
they would be hiring
I would have been hiring
we would have been hiring
you would have been hiring
he/she/it would have been hiring
they would have been hiring