How Do You Spell HNEDD?

"HNEDD" is a Welsh word that means "nest." Its spelling may seem unusual to English speakers, but it follows the regular Welsh orthography. The letter "H" is pronounced as the voiceless glottal fricative sound /h/. The letters "N" and "D" represent their respective nasal consonants /n/ and /d/. Finally, the two vowel letters "E" are both pronounced as /ɛ/, giving the word its unique pronunciation of /hneð/. Welsh orthography can be tricky, but it showcases the language's rich history and cultural identity.

Common Misspellings for HNEDD

  • nnedd
  • jnedd
  • unedd
  • ynedd
  • hbedd
  • hnwdd
  • hn4dd
  • hn3dd
  • hnefd
  • hnerd
  • hneed
  • hnedx
  • hnedf
  • hnedr
  • ghnedd
  • hgnedd
  • bhnedd
  • hbnedd
  • nhnedd
  • hnnedd

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