How Do You Spell HOB?

Pronunciation: [hˈɒb] (IPA)

The word "hob" is spelled using three letters: H, O, and B. The IPA phonetic transcription of this word is /hɑb/. The "h" at the beginning represents the voiceless glottal fricative sound. The "o" in the middle represents the short "oh" sound, similar to the "a" in "hot." Lastly, the "b" at the end represents the voiced bilabial stop sound. Overall, the simple spelling of "hob" belies the complexity and nuance of the sounds that make up this word.

HOB Meaning and Definition

Hob, as a noun, refers to a flat metal shelf or support usually found above a fireplace, used for cooking, heating, or keeping food warm. It typically consists of a horizontal plate with burners or hotplates, where pots and pans can be placed to cook food. The term "hob" can also specifically describe the flat cooking surface on a stove or range. Hobs can be fueled by gas, electricity, or solid fuels such as coal or wood.

Furthermore, "hob" can be used to denote a variety of objects or devices intended for specific purposes. For instance, "hob" can refer to a rotating device on a lathe or tool that holds and turns a workpiece for machining or shaping. It can also describe a projection or footrest on the side of a fireplace hearth, used for supporting a cooking pot over an open fire. Additionally, "hob" may refer to a protrusion or shelf on the side of a machine or apparatus that acts as a guide or support for another part.

In a figurative sense, "hob" can be used colloquially to refer to a small, typically mischievous supernatural creature or a sprite in folklore. These creatures are often associated with household chores and could be seen as domestic spirits. The term "hob" can also be used informally to mean a hobby or pastime, something that brings pleasure or relaxation when pursued.

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Etymology of HOB

The word "hob" has a complex etymology with multiple meanings and origins. Here are a few possible sources:

1. Hobgoblin: The term "hob" finds its oldest known usage in the word "hobgoblin", dating back to the late 16th century. It is believed to have originated from the name "Rob" or "Robin", which was a common short form of Robert. "Goblin" refers to a mischievous supernatural creature. Over time, "Hob" became associated with supernatural beings, including household spirits and mischievous creatures, giving rise to the term "hobgoblin".

2. Stovetop: In the context of a kitchen, "hob" refers to a stovetop burner or cooking surface. The origin of this meaning can be traced back to Old English, where "habba" referred to the back of an open fireplace.

Idioms with the word HOB

  • raise hob with The idiom "raise hob with" means to cause a disturbance or create chaos. It implies that someone is causing trouble, making a scene, or causing problems in a disruptive or unruly manner.
  • raise hob with sm or sth To "raise hob with someone or something" means to cause trouble, confusion, or disruption. It refers to causing a disturbance, stirring up trouble, or creating chaos in a situation.
  • play hob with The idiom "play hob with" means to cause disruption or chaos, to cause serious problems or difficulties, or to have a detrimental effect on something. It suggests that an action or situation has a negative impact and disrupts the smooth functioning of something.
  • play hob (with someone or something) The idiom "play hob (with someone or something)" means to cause disorder or trouble, or to have a negative impact or disrupt someone or something. It implies creating chaos or interfering with the smooth functioning of a person, situation, or thing.
  • raise hob (with someone or something) The idiom "raise hob with someone or something" means to cause trouble or disturbance, often through aggressive or unruly behavior. It implies creating a chaotic or disruptive situation.
  • play (or raise) hob The idiom "play (or raise) hob" means to cause trouble, chaos, or disruption. It refers to engaging in mischief or wild behavior that disrupts the normal functioning of something or creates commotion. It implies acting rebelliously or irresponsibly, often resulting in negative consequences.

Similar spelling words for HOB

Plural form of HOB is HOBS

Conjugate verb Hob


I would hob
you would hob
he/she/it would hob
we would hob
they would hob


I would be hobbing
you would be hobbing
he/she/it would be hobbing
we would be hobbing
they would be hobbing


I would have hob
you would have hob
he/she/it would have hob
we would have hob
they would have hob


I would have been hobbing
you would have been hobbing
he/she/it would have been hobbing
we would have been hobbing
they would have been hobbing


I will hob
you will hob
he/she/it will hob
we will hob
they will hob


I will be hobbing
you will be hobbing
he/she/it will be hobbing
we will be hobbing
they will be hobbing


I will have hobbed
you will have hobbed
he/she/it will have hobbed
we will have hobbed
they will have hobbed


I will have been hobbing
you will have been hobbing
he/she/it will have been hobbing
we will have been hobbing
they will have been hobbing


you hob
we let´s hob


to hob


I hobbed
you hobbed
he/she/it hobbed
we hobbed
they hobbed


I was hobbing
you were hobbing
he/she/it was hobbing
we were hobbing
they were hobbing




I had hobbed
you had hobbed
he/she/it had hobbed
we had hobbed
they had hobbed


I had been hobbing
you had been hobbing
he/she/it had been hobbing
we had been hobbing
they had been hobbing


I hob
you hob
he/she/it hobs
we hob
they hob


I am hobbing
you are hobbing
he/she/it is hobbing
we are hobbing
they are hobbing




I have hobbed
you have hobbed
he/she/it has hobbed
we have hobbed
they have hobbed


I have been hobbing
you have been hobbing
he/she/it has been hobbing
we have been hobbing
they have been hobbing


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