How Do You Spell HOES?

Pronunciation: [hˈə͡ʊz] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "hoes" may cause confusion due to its pronunciation. The word is spelled with the letters h, o, e, and s, but it is actually pronounced as "hoʊz" in IPA phonetic transcription. The letter "e" in the word functions as a silent letter so it is not pronounced. Additionally, the letter "o" is pronounced as a diphthong "oʊ" which is a combination of the sounds "o" and "ʊ". The correct pronunciation is crucial to avoid misunderstanding the intended meaning of the word.

HOES Meaning and Definition

  1. "Hoes" is a noun that has different meanings according to context. It can refer to a plural form of "hoe," the short-handled gardening tool used for digging the soil or removing weeds. In this sense, "hoes" are typically made of metal with a flat or sharpened blade, attached to a long handle for easy manipulation by the user. Gardeners and farmers often use hoes for various tasks such as loosening the soil, cultivating, or chopping weeds.

    However, "hoes" can also be used as a slang term, often derogatory, to refer to individuals, particularly women, who are perceived as promiscuous or engage in casual sexual encounters. It is important to note that this derogatory usage is offensive and disrespectful towards women.

    This term has gained popularity in some music genres, especially in hip-hop and rap songs, where it is used with explicit and sexually suggestive lyrics. Such usage perpetuates gender stereotypes and objectifies women, which contributes to a negative societal attitude towards them.

    It is important to approach the term "hoes" with caution, as its common slang usage can be offensive and disrespectful. It is always best to be mindful of how language is used and to treat people with dignity and respect.

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Etymology of HOES

The word "hoes" comes from the Old English word "hāwan", which means "to hew" or "to cut". Over time, it evolved into the Middle English word "howe", which specifically referred to a tool used for cutting or digging the ground. Eventually, it transformed into the word "hoe", which is still associated with the gardening tool used for shaping and loosening soil. "Hoes" is the plural form of "hoes" in English, usually used to refer to multiple tools or can be slang for women.

Idioms with the word HOES

  • bros before hoes The idiom "bros before hoes" is a slang expression which prioritizes and emphasizes the importance of male friendships or loyalty to male friends above romance or relationships with women. It suggests that male friends should support and prioritize each other over potential romantic or sexual relationships with women.

Similar spelling words for HOES

Conjugate verb Hoes


I would hoe
we would hoe
you would hoe
he/she/it would hoe
they would hoe


I will hoe
we will hoe
you will hoe
he/she/it will hoe
they will hoe


I will have hoed
we will have hoed
you will have hoed
he/she/it will have hoed
they will have hoed


I hoed
we hoed
you hoed
he/she/it hoed
they hoed


I had hoed
we had hoed
you had hoed
he/she/it had hoed
they had hoed


I hoe
we hoe
you hoe
he/she/it hoes
they hoe


I have hoed
we have hoed
you have hoed
he/she/it has hoed
they have hoed
I am hoing
we are hoing
you are hoing
he/she/it is hoing
they are hoing
I was hoing
we were hoing
you were hoing
he/she/it was hoing
they were hoing
I will be hoing
we will be hoing
you will be hoing
he/she/it will be hoing
they will be hoing
I have been hoing
we have been hoing
you have been hoing
he/she/it has been hoing
they have been hoing
I had been hoing
we had been hoing
you had been hoing
he/she/it had been hoing
they had been hoing
I will have been hoing
we will have been hoing
you will have been hoing
he/she/it will have been hoing
they will have been hoing
I would have hoed
we would have hoed
you would have hoed
he/she/it would have hoed
they would have hoed
I would be hoing
we would be hoing
you would be hoing
he/she/it would be hoing
they would be hoing
I would have been hoing
we would have been hoing
you would have been hoing
he/she/it would have been hoing
they would have been hoing


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