How Do You Spell HOGS?

The spelling of the word "hogs" in English follows the phonetic pattern of the language. This four-letter word is pronounced /hɒɡz/ in IPA transcription, which means it is spelled with an "h" at the beginning, followed by an "o" with a short "o" sound, then a hard "g", and ends with an "s" at the end. The word "hogs" refers to pigs, typically domesticated ones. The accurate spelling of this word is important in written communication to avoid confusion with similar-sounding words.

Common Misspellings for HOGS

Similar spelling words for HOGS

12 words made out of letters HOGS

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4 letters

Conjugate verb Hogs


I would hog
we would hog
you would hog
he/she/it would hog
they would hog


I will hog
we will hog
you will hog
he/she/it will hog
they will hog


I will have hogged
we will have hogged
you will have hogged
he/she/it will have hogged
they will have hogged


I hogged
we hogged
you hogged
he/she/it hogged
they hogged


I had hogged
we had hogged
you had hogged
he/she/it had hogged
they had hogged


I hog
we hog
you hog
he/she/it hogs
they hog


I have hogged
we have hogged
you have hogged
he/she/it has hogged
they have hogged
I am hogging
we are hogging
you are hogging
he/she/it is hogging
they are hogging
I was hogging
we were hogging
you were hogging
he/she/it was hogging
they were hogging
I will be hogging
we will be hogging
you will be hogging
he/she/it will be hogging
they will be hogging
I have been hogging
we have been hogging
you have been hogging
he/she/it has been hogging
they have been hogging
I had been hogging
we had been hogging
you had been hogging
he/she/it had been hogging
they had been hogging
I will have been hogging
we will have been hogging
you will have been hogging
he/she/it will have been hogging
they will have been hogging
I would have hogged
we would have hogged
you would have hogged
he/she/it would have hogged
they would have hogged
I would be hogging
we would be hogging
you would be hogging
he/she/it would be hogging
they would be hogging
I would have been hogging
we would have been hogging
you would have been hogging
he/she/it would have been hogging
they would have been hogging


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