How Do You Spell HOLI?

Pronunciation: [hˈə͡ʊli] (IPA)

Holi is a Hindu spring festival, also known as the "festival of colors". The spelling of "holi" is pronounced as /ˈhoʊli/, with the first syllable "ho" sounding like the word "hoe" without the "e" at the end, and the second syllable "li" sounding like the word "lee". The word is derived from the Sanskrit word "Holika", which means demoness. The festival is celebrated with the throwing of colored powder and water and signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and the end of winter.

HOLI Meaning and Definition

  1. Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, is a Hindu spring festival celebrated predominantly in India and Nepal, but that has gained popularity in various parts of the world. The word "holi" originates from the Sanskrit word "Holika," which denotes the name of a mythical demoness. The festival typically takes place in March and signifies the arrival of spring, the victory of good over evil, and the end of winter.

    Holi is characterized by colorful celebrations where participants joyfully throw and smear colored powders and liquids on each other, exchanging wishes of love and happiness. The vibrant colors used during the festival symbolize the arrival of spring and a fresh start. Bonfires are lit on the eve of Holi, representing the legend of Holika's destruction, signifying the triumph of good. The festival also promotes unity and the healing of broken relationships, as people forgive and forget past grudges.

    Holi is profoundly rooted in Hindu mythology and legends, particularly the story of Lord Krishna and Radha. It is believed that Krishna, as a mischievous young boy, playfully threw colors on Radha and other gopis (cowherd girls), initiating the tradition of Holi. The celebration also has cultural significance, bridging gaps between different social classes, fostering community spirit, and promoting cultural understanding.

    Overall, Holi is a vibrant and joyous festival that encapsulates the spirit of togetherness, love, and the triumph of good over evil. It has become a significant cultural event, enjoyed globally, fostering unity and spreading happiness among its participants.

Common Misspellings for HOLI

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Etymology of HOLI

The word "Holi" has its origins in the Sanskrit language, an ancient Indo-Aryan language primarily used in ancient India. In Sanskrit, the word "hola" means "to offer sacrifices or praise". Over time, this term evolved into "Holi", which refers to the Hindu festival celebrated in the spring to welcome the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil. The festival involves the throwing of colored powders and water, symbolizing joy and celebrating love, friendship, and the victory of good.


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