How Do You Spell HONEYDEW?

Correct spelling for the English word "honeydew" is [h_ˈʌ_n_ɪ_d_j_ˌuː], [hˈʌnɪdjˌuː], [hˈʌnɪdjˌuː]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for HONEYDEW

Below is the list of 5 misspellings for the word "honeydew".

Similar spelling words for HONEYDEW

Plural form of HONEYDEW is HONEYDEWS

Definition of HONEYDEW

  1. A sugary secretion from the leaves of plants in hot weather: a fine sort of tobacco moistened with molasses.

Anagrams of HONEYDEW

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Usage Examples for HONEYDEW

  1. The chief cause, however, is mildew, the sign of whose presence is the honeydew on the oak leaves. - "A Short History of English Agriculture" by W. H. R. Curtler
  2. The box is a half- pound box of honeydew tobacco and does not help us in any way. - "The Adventure of the Cardboard Box" by Arthur Conan Doyle