How Do You Spell HONOURED?

Correct spelling for the English word "honoured" is [ˈɒnəd], [ˈɒnəd], [ˈɒ_n_ə_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for HONOURED

Below is the list of 57 misspellings for the word "honoured".

Similar spelling word for HONOURED

Definition of HONOURED

  1. worthy of honor; "an honored name"; "our honored dead"

Anagrams of HONOURED

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Usage Examples for HONOURED

  1. Burns had always loved and honoured Lord Glencairn, as well he might,- although his lordship's gentleness had not always missed giving offence to the poet's sensitive and proud spirit. - "Robert Burns" by Principal Shairp
  2. He went there yesterday afternoon at two o'clock- that is the day after he got it- so it would be sent round to Mr. Frettlby's bank, and would not be returned till next day, and as he died in the meanwhile I expect it hasn't been honoured, so Mr. Moreland won't have his money yet." - "The Mystery of a Hansom Cab" by Fergus Hume

Conjugate verb Honoured


I would honour
we would honour
you would honour
he/she/it would honour
they would honour


I will honour
we will honour
you will honour
he/she/it will honour
they will honour


I will have honoured
we will have honoured
you will have honoured
he/she/it will have honoured
they will have honoured


I honoured
we honoured
you honoured
he/she/it honoured
they honoured


I had honoured
we had honoured
you had honoured
he/she/it had honoured
they had honoured


I honour
we honour
you honour
he/she/it honours
they honour


I have honoured
we have honoured
you have honoured
he/she/it has honoured
they have honoured
I am honouring
we are honouring
you are honouring
he/she/it is honouring
they are honouring
I was honouring
we were honouring
you were honouring
he/she/it was honouring
they were honouring
I will be honouring
we will be honouring
you will be honouring
he/she/it will be honouring
they will be honouring
I have been honouring
we have been honouring
you have been honouring
he/she/it has been honouring
they have been honouring
I had been honouring
we had been honouring
you had been honouring
he/she/it had been honouring
they had been honouring
I will have been honouring
we will have been honouring
you will have been honouring
he/she/it will have been honouring
they will have been honouring
I would have honoured
we would have honoured
you would have honoured
he/she/it would have honoured
they would have honoured
I would be honouring
we would be honouring
you would be honouring
he/she/it would be honouring
they would be honouring
I would have been honouring
we would have been honouring
you would have been honouring
he/she/it would have been honouring
they would have been honouring