How Do You Spell HOOTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "hoots" is [h_ˈuː_t_s], [hˈuːts], [hˈuːts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for HOOTS

Below is the list of 100 misspellings for the word "hoots".

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Anagrams of HOOTS

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Usage Examples for HOOTS

  1. " I wouldn't care two hoots if her dad was old Nick himself. - "The Valley of the Giants" by Peter B. Kyne
  2. Sherm's wish was answered with startling promptness for at that moment the " ugly mugs" just mentioned appeared over the alley fence, and their owners uttered hoots of derision. - "Chicken Little Jane" by Lily Munsell Ritchie

Conjugate verb Hoots


I would hoot
we would hoot
you would hoot
he/she/it would hoot
they would hoot


I will hoot
we will hoot
you will hoot
he/she/it will hoot
they will hoot


I will have hooted
we will have hooted
you will have hooted
he/she/it will have hooted
they will have hooted


I hooted
we hooted
you hooted
he/she/it hooted
they hooted


I had hooted
we had hooted
you had hooted
he/she/it had hooted
they had hooted


I hoot
we hoot
you hoot
he/she/it hoots
they hoot


I have hooted
we have hooted
you have hooted
he/she/it has hooted
they have hooted
I am hooting
we are hooting
you are hooting
he/she/it is hooting
they are hooting
I was hooting
we were hooting
you were hooting
he/she/it was hooting
they were hooting
I will be hooting
we will be hooting
you will be hooting
he/she/it will be hooting
they will be hooting
I have been hooting
we have been hooting
you have been hooting
he/she/it has been hooting
they have been hooting
I had been hooting
we had been hooting
you had been hooting
he/she/it had been hooting
they had been hooting
I will have been hooting
we will have been hooting
you will have been hooting
he/she/it will have been hooting
they will have been hooting
I would have hooted
we would have hooted
you would have hooted
he/she/it would have hooted
they would have hooted
I would be hooting
we would be hooting
you would be hooting
he/she/it would be hooting
they would be hooting
I would have been hooting
we would have been hooting
you would have been hooting
he/she/it would have been hooting
they would have been hooting