How Do You Spell HOOVES?

Correct spelling for the English word "Hooves" is [h_ˈuː_v_z], [hˈuːvz], [hˈuːvz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for HOOVES

Below is the list of 50 misspellings for the word "hooves".

Similar spelling words for HOOVES

Anagrams of HOOVES

6 letters

  • hooves.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for HOOVES

  1. And cause thee to grease my horses' hooves, and empty the dung from the stable; and find out whether thou art invincible at such work also. - "Flemish Legends" by Charles de Coster
  2. Saying this, the leader of the band, close followed by the treble file of troopers, dashed forward along the road- their accoutrements, and the hooves of their horses, making a noise that hindered them from hearing the scornful, half involuntary laugh sent after them from the cavalier concealed under the shadow of the hut. - "The White Gauntlet" by Mayne Reid

Conjugate verb Hooves


I would hoof
we would hoof
you would hoof
he/she/it would hoof
they would hoof


I will hoof
we will hoof
you will hoof
he/she/it will hoof
they will hoof


I will have hoofed
we will have hoofed
you will have hoofed
he/she/it will have hoofed
they will have hoofed


I hoofed
we hoofed
you hoofed
he/she/it hoofed
they hoofed


I had hoofed
we had hoofed
you had hoofed
he/she/it had hoofed
they had hoofed


I hoof
we hoof
you hoof
he/she/it hoofs
they hoof


I have hoofed
we have hoofed
you have hoofed
he/she/it has hoofed
they have hoofed
I am hoofing
we are hoofing
you are hoofing
he/she/it is hoofing
they are hoofing
I was hoofing
we were hoofing
you were hoofing
he/she/it was hoofing
they were hoofing
I will be hoofing
we will be hoofing
you will be hoofing
he/she/it will be hoofing
they will be hoofing
I have been hoofing
we have been hoofing
you have been hoofing
he/she/it has been hoofing
they have been hoofing
I had been hoofing
we had been hoofing
you had been hoofing
he/she/it had been hoofing
they had been hoofing
I will have been hoofing
we will have been hoofing
you will have been hoofing
he/she/it will have been hoofing
they will have been hoofing
I would have hoofed
we would have hoofed
you would have hoofed
he/she/it would have hoofed
they would have hoofed
I would be hoofing
we would be hoofing
you would be hoofing
he/she/it would be hoofing
they would be hoofing
I would have been hoofing
we would have been hoofing
you would have been hoofing
he/she/it would have been hoofing
they would have been hoofing