How Do You Spell HORRIFIED?

Correct spelling for the English word "horrified" is [h_ˈɒ_ɹ_ɪ_f_ˌaɪ_d], [hˈɒɹɪfˌa͡ɪd], [hˈɒɹɪfˌa‍ɪd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of HORRIFIED

  1. of Horrify

Common Misspellings for HORRIFIED

Below is the list of 281 misspellings for the word "horrified".

Similar spelling words for HORRIFIED

Usage Examples for HORRIFIED

  1. Olga listened in horrified silence. - "The Keeper of the Door" by Ethel M. Dell
  2. This was in 1170. Henry, who was in France when this occurred, was thoroughly horrified and frightened, no doubt. - "Comic History of England" by Bill Nye
  3. The wild cry, the white and horrified face of Stephen, the puzzled and sternly questioning one of the old lawyer. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir" by Charles Garvice
  4. Their grandmother was horrified, and insisted on sending the animal away at once. - "Two Little Knights of Kentucky" by Annie Fellows Johnston
  5. I was naturally shocked and horrified. - "A Terrible Secret" by May Agnes Fleming

Conjugate verb Horrified


I would horrify
we would horrify
you would horrify
he/she/it would horrify
they would horrify


I will horrify
we will horrify
you will horrify
he/she/it will horrify
they will horrify


I will have horrified
we will have horrified
you will have horrified
he/she/it will have horrified
they will have horrified


I horrified
we horrified
you horrified
he/she/it horrified
they horrified


I had horrified
we had horrified
you had horrified
he/she/it had horrified
they had horrified


I horrify
we horrify
you horrify
he/she/it horrifies
they horrify


I have horrified
we have horrified
you have horrified
he/she/it has horrified
they have horrified
I am horrifying
we are horrifying
you are horrifying
he/she/it is horrifying
they are horrifying
I was horrifying
we were horrifying
you were horrifying
he/she/it was horrifying
they were horrifying
I will be horrifying
we will be horrifying
you will be horrifying
he/she/it will be horrifying
they will be horrifying
I have been horrifying
we have been horrifying
you have been horrifying
he/she/it has been horrifying
they have been horrifying
I had been horrifying
we had been horrifying
you had been horrifying
he/she/it had been horrifying
they had been horrifying
I will have been horrifying
we will have been horrifying
you will have been horrifying
he/she/it will have been horrifying
they will have been horrifying
I would have horrified
we would have horrified
you would have horrified
he/she/it would have horrified
they would have horrified
I would be horrifying
we would be horrifying
you would be horrifying
he/she/it would be horrifying
they would be horrifying
I would have been horrifying
we would have been horrifying
you would have been horrifying
he/she/it would have been horrifying
they would have been horrifying