Horsefeathers is a word commonly used to express disbelief or nonsense. The spelling of this word can be a bit tricky as it does not follow typical English spelling rules. In IPA phonetic transcription, horsefeathers would be written as /hɔrsˌfɛðərz/. The "rs" sound is represented twice to indicate the strong emphasis on the "r" sound in the word. The "e" in the second syllable is pronounced as a short "e" sound, as in "bed". Despite its unusual spelling, horsefeathers remains a popular and frequently used expression.

Common Misspellings for HORSEFEATHERS

  • gorsefeathers
  • borsefeathers
  • norsefeathers
  • jorsefeathers
  • uorsefeathers
  • yorsefeathers
  • hirsefeathers
  • hkrsefeathers
  • hlrsefeathers
  • hprsefeathers
  • h0rsefeathers
  • h9rsefeathers
  • hoesefeathers
  • hodsefeathers
  • hofsefeathers
  • hotsefeathers
  • ho5sefeathers
  • ho4sefeathers
  • horaefeathers
  • horzefeathers

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