The spelling "horsefeatherses" may seem strange, but it is actually a valid form of the word "horsefeathers". The root word refers to nonsense or meaningless talk. The added "-es" is a plural suffix, and the spelling of the final "-es" is uncommon, but still correct. In IPA notation, the word is transcribed as /hɔrsˌfɛðərˈsɛz/, with emphasis on the second syllable and the final "s" pronounced as /z/.

Common Misspellings for HORSEFEATHERSES

  • horsefeathers
  • gorsefeatherses
  • borsefeatherses
  • norsefeatherses
  • jorsefeatherses
  • uorsefeatherses
  • yorsefeatherses
  • hirsefeatherses
  • hkrsefeatherses
  • hlrsefeatherses
  • hprsefeatherses
  • h0rsefeatherses
  • h9rsefeatherses
  • hoesefeatherses
  • hodsefeatherses
  • hofsefeatherses
  • hotsefeatherses
  • ho5sefeatherses
  • ho4sefeatherses
  • horaefeatherses

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