How Do You Spell HOSTS?

Pronunciation: [hˈə͡ʊsts] (IPA)

The word "hosts" is spelled with the letters H-O-S-T-S. The phonetic transcription of this word is /hoʊsts/. The stress is on the first syllable, with a long "o" sound. The "s" at the end of the word is pronounced as a /z/ sound, and it indicates that the word is in the plural form. "Host" refers to a person who invites and entertains guests, while "hosts" refers to a group of people who perform this role together, or to multiple occurrences of the noun.

HOSTS Meaning and Definition

  1. Hosts (noun):

    1. In the context of computing and technology, hosts refer to computers or servers that are utilized as central locations for storing and managing digital files, sharing information, providing access to websites or services, and facilitating communication between users or systems. These hosts can be physical machines (hardware) or virtual (cloud-based), and they typically run dedicated software programs to fulfill their hosting functions. Hosts can house websites, applications, databases, or other resources that are accessible to users via the internet or a network.

    2. In the realm of entertainment and media, hosts are individuals who are responsible for presenting or moderating a show, event, or program. They act as the central figure, often guiding the audience or participants through the proceedings, introducing guests or performers, engaging in banter, and ensuring a smooth flow of the event. Hosts can be seen on television talk shows, game shows, award ceremonies, radio programs, podcasts, or live events, where their role is to create an enjoyable and interactive experience for the audience.

    3. Hosts can also refer to organisms or entities that provide nourishment, shelter, or a suitable environment for others to live or interact. For instance, an animal or plant that provides a habitat for a parasite or a colony of organisms is considered a host. Similarly, in the context of computer networks, a device or system that allows other devices to connect to it, access resources, or communicate within a network can be referred to as a host.

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Etymology of HOSTS

The word "hosts" has a diverse etymology depending on its usage. Here are the main origins of the term "hosts" in different contexts:

1. Hosts meaning "a large gathering of people":

The word "hosts" comes from the Latin word "hostis" which meant "stranger" or "enemy" in ancient times. Over time, it also meant "army" or "multitude". In the context of a large gathering or assembly, the term "hosts" evolved to refer to the numerous people who attend an event or gathering.

2. Hosts meaning "those who provide hospitality or accommodation":

In this context, "hosts" originated from the Old French word "hoste" (later "hôte") which meant "guest" or "host". This Old French word traces back to the Latin word "hospes", which had a dual meaning of "guest" and "host".

Similar spelling words for HOSTS

Conjugate verb Hosts


I would host
we would host
you would host
he/she/it would host
they would host


I will host
we will host
you will host
he/she/it will host
they will host


I will have hosted
we will have hosted
you will have hosted
he/she/it will have hosted
they will have hosted


I hosted
we hosted
you hosted
he/she/it hosted
they hosted


I had hosted
we had hosted
you had hosted
he/she/it had hosted
they had hosted


I host
we host
you host
he/she/it hosts
they host


I have hosted
we have hosted
you have hosted
he/she/it has hosted
they have hosted
I am hosting
we are hosting
you are hosting
he/she/it is hosting
they are hosting
I was hosting
we were hosting
you were hosting
he/she/it was hosting
they were hosting
I will be hosting
we will be hosting
you will be hosting
he/she/it will be hosting
they will be hosting
I have been hosting
we have been hosting
you have been hosting
he/she/it has been hosting
they have been hosting
I had been hosting
we had been hosting
you had been hosting
he/she/it had been hosting
they had been hosting
I will have been hosting
we will have been hosting
you will have been hosting
he/she/it will have been hosting
they will have been hosting
I would have hosted
we would have hosted
you would have hosted
he/she/it would have hosted
they would have hosted
I would be hosting
we would be hosting
you would be hosting
he/she/it would be hosting
they would be hosting
I would have been hosting
we would have been hosting
you would have been hosting
he/she/it would have been hosting
they would have been hosting


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