Hovedstaden is a Danish word that translates to "the capital" in English. The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is [ˈhɔvəˌsdæn]. The spelling of this word includes several unique aspects of Danish pronunciation, including the unvoiced H sound at the beginning, the letter V being pronounced as a soft "u", and the Æ representing the vowel sound "æ". The final N is pronounced as a lightly voiced nasal consonant. Overall, the spelling of hovedstaden reflects the unique phonetic features of the Danish language.

Common Misspellings for HOVEDSTADEN

  • govedstaden
  • bovedstaden
  • novedstaden
  • jovedstaden
  • uovedstaden
  • yovedstaden
  • hivedstaden
  • hkvedstaden
  • hlvedstaden
  • hpvedstaden
  • h0vedstaden
  • h9vedstaden
  • hocedstaden
  • hobedstaden
  • hogedstaden
  • hofedstaden
  • hovwdstaden
  • hovsdstaden
  • hovddstaden
  • hovrdstaden

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