How Do You Spell HOY?

The word "hoy" is spelled using three letters, "h-o-y." Its pronunciation is /hɔɪ/. This word is often pronounced with a diphthong sound to create the "oi" sound. In IPA transcription, the /h/ represents the voiceless glottal fricative sound, the /ɔ/ represents the open-mid back rounded vowel sound, and /ɪ/ represents the near-close near-front unrounded vowel sound. Hoy can be used as a nautical term referring to a small boat or as a simple exclamation of greeting.

Common Misspellings for HOY

  • hyoy
  • hioy
  • hkoy
  • hpoy
  • h0oy
  • ho0y
  • h9oy
  • ho9y
  • houy
  • hoyu
  • ho7y
  • hoy7
  • ho6y
  • hoy6
  • hhoy
  • hoyy
  • ioy
  • hny
  • h oy

Similar spelling words for HOY

Plural form of HOY is HOYS

4 words made out of letters HOY

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3 letters


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