How Do You Spell HSIAN?

Hsian is the spelling of a city located in China, but its pronunciation is more complex than just "she-ann." According to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), the correct transcription is /ʂjɛn/, which represents the initial consonant cluster of "sh" and "j" followed by an "ian" vowel sound that resembles the "yen" in "yen-shee" or "yen sign." The spelling of "hsian" is an outdated romanization of the Mandarin Chinese word Xi'an, which is now more commonly used.

Common Misspellings for HSIAN

  • gsian
  • bsian
  • nsian
  • jsian
  • usian
  • ysian
  • hzian
  • hxian
  • hdian
  • heian
  • hwian
  • hsuan
  • hsjan
  • hskan
  • hsoan
  • hs9an
  • hs8an
  • hsizn
  • hsisn

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