How Do You Spell HUNKERS?

Hunkers (/'hʌŋkərz/) is a plural noun that originates from the Scottish dialect. The word refers to a person who sits on their haunches or crouches down, or alternatively, a political stance that emphasizes conservatism and resistance to change. The spelling of "Hunkers" is consistent with English orthographic conventions, with the exception of the use of "k" instead of "c" in the word's final syllable. The IPA phonetic transcription suggests that the word's pronunciation is straightforward, with the primary stress on the first syllable and the schwa vowel in the second syllable.

Common Misspellings for HUNKERS

Similar spelling words for HUNKERS

Plural form of HUNKERS is HUNKERS

12 words made out of letters HUNKERS

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6 letters

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Conjugate verb Hunkers


I would hunker
we would hunker
you would hunker
he/she/it would hunker
they would hunker


I will hunker
we will hunker
you will hunker
he/she/it will hunker
they will hunker


I will have hunkered
we will have hunkered
you will have hunkered
he/she/it will have hunkered
they will have hunkered


I hunkered
we hunkered
you hunkered
he/she/it hunkered
they hunkered


I had hunkered
we had hunkered
you had hunkered
he/she/it had hunkered
they had hunkered


I hunker
we hunker
you hunker
he/she/it hunkers
they hunker


I have hunkered
we have hunkered
you have hunkered
he/she/it has hunkered
they have hunkered
I am hunkering
we are hunkering
you are hunkering
he/she/it is hunkering
they are hunkering
I was hunkering
we were hunkering
you were hunkering
he/she/it was hunkering
they were hunkering
I will be hunkering
we will be hunkering
you will be hunkering
he/she/it will be hunkering
they will be hunkering
I have been hunkering
we have been hunkering
you have been hunkering
he/she/it has been hunkering
they have been hunkering
I had been hunkering
we had been hunkering
you had been hunkering
he/she/it had been hunkering
they had been hunkering
I will have been hunkering
we will have been hunkering
you will have been hunkering
he/she/it will have been hunkering
they will have been hunkering
I would have hunkered
we would have hunkered
you would have hunkered
he/she/it would have hunkered
they would have hunkered
I would be hunkering
we would be hunkering
you would be hunkering
he/she/it would be hunkering
they would be hunkering
I would have been hunkering
we would have been hunkering
you would have been hunkering
he/she/it would have been hunkering
they would have been hunkering


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