How Do You Spell HURLS?

Correct spelling for the English word "hurls" is [hˈɜːlz], [hˈɜːlz], [h_ˈɜː_l_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for HURLS

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Anagrams of HURLS

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Usage Examples for HURLS

  1. It is navigable for five hundred miles, and its mighty volume pours unceasingly through a channel fifty feet deep, and thirteen hundred feet wide at the point in Mexico where it hurls its turbulent waters into the Gulf of California. - "Colorado--The Bright Romance of American History" by F. C. Grable
  2. Ay, darling, there are some things more terrible than the wild boar at which the brave huntress hurls her spear. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers" by Georg Ebers

Conjugate verb Hurls


I would hurl
we would hurl
you would hurl
he/she/it would hurl
they would hurl


I will hurl
we will hurl
you will hurl
he/she/it will hurl
they will hurl


I will have hurled
we will have hurled
you will have hurled
he/she/it will have hurled
they will have hurled


I hurled
we hurled
you hurled
he/she/it hurled
they hurled


I had hurled
we had hurled
you had hurled
he/she/it had hurled
they had hurled


I hurl
we hurl
you hurl
he/she/it hurls
they hurl


I have hurled
we have hurled
you have hurled
he/she/it has hurled
they have hurled
I am hurling
we are hurling
you are hurling
he/she/it is hurling
they are hurling
I was hurling
we were hurling
you were hurling
he/she/it was hurling
they were hurling
I will be hurling
we will be hurling
you will be hurling
he/she/it will be hurling
they will be hurling
I have been hurling
we have been hurling
you have been hurling
he/she/it has been hurling
they have been hurling
I had been hurling
we had been hurling
you had been hurling
he/she/it had been hurling
they had been hurling
I will have been hurling
we will have been hurling
you will have been hurling
he/she/it will have been hurling
they will have been hurling
I would have hurled
we would have hurled
you would have hurled
he/she/it would have hurled
they would have hurled
I would be hurling
we would be hurling
you would be hurling
he/she/it would be hurling
they would be hurling
I would have been hurling
we would have been hurling
you would have been hurling
he/she/it would have been hurling
they would have been hurling