How Do You Spell HYPE?

Pronunciation: [hˈa͡ɪp] (IPA)

The word "hype" is spelled as /haɪp/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The letter "h" is pronounced as /h/ sound and the letter "y" represents the /aɪ/ diphthong. The letter "p" represents the sound /p/. The word "hype" is related to the verb "hyperbole", meaning exaggeration, and often used to describe excessive or exaggerated promotion or publicity. The spelling of this word is relatively simple and easy to remember.

HYPE Meaning and Definition

Hype, as a noun, refers to extensive publicity, excitement, or exaggerated promotion surrounding a particular event, product, or individual. It typically involves creating a buzz and generating heightened anticipation to attract attention and build interest. It is often characterized by vibrant and persuasive marketing campaigns, sometimes involving excessive claims or exaggerations to maximize public appeal and create a sense of urgency or desire.

The term "hype" can also be used as a verb, meaning to promote or publicize something in an exaggerated or sensationalized manner. When an item or a person is hyped, it suggests that they are being widely promoted, often with great enthusiasm and energy, to create a sense of popularity or importance.

This concept of hype is prevalent in various domains, including the entertainment industry, technology sector, and advertising field. A successful hype can lead to increased awareness, heightened demand, and significant commercial success. However, it can also result in disappointment if the actual product or event fails to live up to the fervor generated by the hype.

In summary, "hype" encompasses the excessive promotion, excitement, and exaggerated claims associated with marketing or publicizing an event, product, or individual. It encapsulates the tactics employed to build anticipation and generate buzz, often through vibrant and persuasive promotional activities.

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Etymology of HYPE

The word "hype" originated in the early 20th century as a slang term in African American communities in the United States. Its etymology is believed to be derived from the word "hyperbole", which refers to exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. Over time, "hype" evolved to describe excessive or exaggerated promotion or publicity surrounding a person, event, or product. It gained widespread usage and popularity beyond African American communities in the 1980s, particularly within the realm of hip-hop and street culture.

Idioms with the word HYPE

  • hype sm or sth (up) The idiom "hype sm or sth (up)" means to create excitement, anticipation, or excessive promotion for someone or something, usually through exaggerated claims or enthusiastic marketing. It involves generating a buzz or increasing the level of excitement surrounding a particular person, event, product, or idea.
  • hype artist The idiom "hype artist" refers to a person who heavily promotes or exaggerates the qualities, abilities, or popularity of something or someone in order to generate excitement, interest, or attention. This can often involve employing persuasive tactics or creating a buzz to build anticipation and generate hype.
  • blow a hype The idiom "blow a hype" typically means to fail to live up to the exaggerated expectations or excessive promotion that something or someone initially generated. It refers to the disappointment or anticlimax when the outcome or performance does not match the level of excitement or anticipation created.
  • hype someone or something (up) The idiom "hype someone or something (up)" means to create excitement, anticipation, or enthusiasm about someone or something, typically through exaggerated or promotional means. It involves using exaggerated language, exaggerated claims, or other persuasive techniques to generate attention or generate a favorable perception.
  • hype up The idiom "hype up" means to promote, increase excitement, or generate excessive publicity or enthusiasm for something or someone, often through exaggerated or misleading means. It is typically used when someone exaggerates the qualities or importance of something to generate hype or anticipation.
  • hype something up The idiom "hype something up" means to promote or advertise something in an exaggerated or excessive way in order to create excitement or anticipation. It often involves using exaggerated language, extravagant claims, or excessive promotion to generate interest and boost public perception, typically in relation to a product, event, or idea.

Similar spelling words for HYPE

Plural form of HYPE is HYPES

Conjugate verb Hype


I would hype
you would hype
he/she/it would hype
we would hype
they would hype


I would be hyping
you would be hyping
he/she/it would be hyping
we would be hyping
they would be hyping


I would have hype
you would have hype
he/she/it would have hype
we would have hype
they would have hype


I would have been hyping
you would have been hyping
he/she/it would have been hyping
we would have been hyping
they would have been hyping


I will hype
you will hype
he/she/it will hype
we will hype
they will hype


I will be hyping
you will be hyping
he/she/it will be hyping
we will be hyping
they will be hyping


I will have hyped
you will have hyped
he/she/it will have hyped
we will have hyped
they will have hyped


I will have been hyping
you will have been hyping
he/she/it will have been hyping
we will have been hyping
they will have been hyping


you hype
we let´s hype


to hype


I hyped
you hyped
he/she/it hyped
we hyped
they hyped


I was hyping
you were hyping
he/she/it was hyping
we were hyping
they were hyping




I had hyped
you had hyped
he/she/it had hyped
we had hyped
they had hyped


I had been hyping
you had been hyping
he/she/it had been hyping
we had been hyping
they had been hyping


I hype
you hype
he/she/it hypes
we hype
they hype


I am hyping
you are hyping
he/she/it is hyping
we are hyping
they are hyping




I have hyped
you have hyped
he/she/it has hyped
we have hyped
they have hyped


I have been hyping
you have been hyping
he/she/it has been hyping
we have been hyping
they have been hyping
I would have hyped
we would have hyped
you would have hyped
he/she/it would have hyped
they would have hyped


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