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Pronunciation: [ˈa͡ɪk] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "ic" is fairly simple. It is composed of two sounds: the short vowel sound "ih" and the hard consonant sound "k". In IPA phonetic transcription, this would be represented as /ɪk/. This two-letter word can be used as a suffix to create adjectives that describe something as having a particular quality or characteristic. For example, "heroic" describes someone who is brave and noble, while "poetic" describes something that is written or expressed in a poetic style.

IC Meaning and Definition

"Ic" is a suffix that is commonly used in the English language to form adjectives or nouns which indicate a quality or characteristic of a particular nature. The suffix "ic" is derived from the Latin suffix "-icus" and is often used to express relationships, conditions, or properties of a noun it attaches to.

As an adjective suffix, "ic" adds a sense of belonging or relating to the noun it modifies. For example, the word "heroic" means displaying qualities or acts of heroism, while "romantic" refers to something related to love, or an idealized and emotional view of life.

When used as a noun suffix, "ic" often denotes a person or thing associated with or involved in a particular field, profession, or ideology. For instance, the word "critic" refers to a person who analyzes, evaluates, or gives judgments about works of art, literature, or other forms of expression. Similarly, "music" is a term used to encompass the artistic discipline, compositions, and performances relating to sound and rhythm.

Overall, the suffix "ic" is a versatile component of English vocabulary, allowing the formation of words that describe qualities or conditions, as well as nouns that identify people or things associated with specific domains. Its usage contributes to the rich and diverse linguistic landscape of the English language.

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Etymology of IC

The word "ic" is an abbreviation for "interchange", which means to exchange or switch one thing for another. It is commonly used in contexts related to transportation, especially railways, to refer to points where different lines or routes intersect and passengers can transfer from one to another. The term "ic" originated from English and is frequently seen in train schedules and transportation systems.

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