How Do You Spell IDOLS?

Pronunciation: [ˈa͡ɪdə͡lz] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "idols" is sometimes confusing due to the pronunciation of the "o" sound. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is spelled /ˈaɪdəlz/. The "i" sound in the beginning is followed by a long "o" sound and ends with a short "u" sound. This spelling is an irregularity in English since most words with "-ol" end with a long "o" sound. However, remembering the IPA transcription can help with the correct spelling and pronunciation of "idols".

IDOLS Meaning and Definition

  1. Idols, in the context of human culture and society, refer to objects or figures that are worshipped, admired, or revered by individuals or communities. They are typically regarded as representing or embodying a certain deity, powerful entity, or idealized concept. Idols can be found in various forms, such as statues, images, symbols, or icons, and have been present throughout history and across different religions and belief systems.

    Idols often hold deep symbolic meaning and serve as focal points for devotion and religious rituals. They are considered to possess extraordinary power, often believed to be capable of granting blessings, protecting individuals or communities, or even performing miraculous acts. People may seek blessings, guidance, or solace from idols, appealing to their spiritual significance or divine qualities.

    However, idols are not limited to religious contexts alone. In modern times, idols can also refer to individuals who are greatly admired, respected, or held in high regard by their fans or followers. These idols are typically public figures, such as celebrities, athletes, musicians, or influencers, who have achieved fame and popularity due to their exceptional talent, achievements, or perceived charisma. Fans often express strong emotional attachment and support for their idols, sometimes even imitating their behavior or style.

    Overall, idols can be seen as objects or figures that carry significant importance to individuals or communities, either in a spiritual or cultural sense. They hold a profound influence on the beliefs, values, and aspirations of those who worship or idolize them.

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Etymology of IDOLS

The word "idol" comes from the Greek word "eidōlon", meaning "image" or "ghostly apparition". In ancient Greek and Roman religions, idols were physical representations of gods or goddesses, often statues or images. The term was later adopted into various languages and cultures, expanding its meaning to refer to any object or person that is revered or idolized excessively.

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