How Do You Spell IGNOBLY?

Pronunciation: [ɪɡnˈɒbli] (IPA)

"Ignobly" is a word that is pronounced as /ɪɡˈnoʊbli/. The first syllable "ig" is pronounced as "ig" with a short "i" sound followed by a hard "g" sound. The second syllable "no" is pronounced as "no" with a short "o" sound. The third syllable "bly" is pronounced with a "b" sound followed by a long "i" sound and ends with a "lee" sound. The word means to do something in an unfair or dishonorable manner. It is important to spell the word correctly to convey its intended meaning.

IGNOBLY Meaning and Definition

  1. Ignobly is an adverb derived from the adjective "ignoble," which describes actions or behaviors that are dishonorable, base, or lacking in moral or ethical principles. It is an adverb used to describe the manner in which someone behaves or carries out an action, implying that they do so in a base, dishonorable, or disgraceful way.

    In English dictionaries, "ignobly" is defined as the adverbial form of "ignoble." It signifies that someone performs actions or conducts themselves in a manner that is unworthy, degrading, or lacking in nobility. When someone acts ignobly, they engage in behaviors that disregard principles of honor, integrity, and decency.

    For instance, if someone were to behave dishonestly, deceitfully, or unscrupulously towards others, they could be said to act ignobly. This adverb reveals a sense of contempt towards their actions, emphasizing the disreputable or ignoble nature of their behavior.

    In summary, "ignobly" is a word that characterizes actions or behaviors as dishonorable, base, or lacking moral standards. It denotes the manner in which someone performs an action, highlighting their disgraceful, unworthy, or contemptible behavior.

Common Misspellings for IGNOBLY

  • ugnobly
  • jgnobly
  • kgnobly
  • ognobly
  • 9gnobly
  • 8gnobly
  • ifnobly
  • ivnobly
  • ibnobly
  • ihnobly
  • iynobly
  • ignabbly
  • ignobily
  • Ignomay

Etymology of IGNOBLY

The word "ignobly" is derived from the Old French word "ignoble", which itself comes from the Latin word "ignobilis". In Latin, "ignobilis" is formed by combining the prefix "in-" (meaning "not") with "nobilis" (meaning "noble"). Therefore, "ignobilis" originally meant "not noble". Over time, this Latin word evolved into "ignoble" in Old French, and then into "ignobly" in Modern English. "Ignobly" is an adverb that describes someone or something behaving in a base, dishonorable, or undignified manner.

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