How Do You Spell ILEAC?

The word "ileac" is spelled with five letters and pronounced /ˈɪliæk/. The first two letters, "i" and "l", represent the sound /ɪ/ as in "ill". The third letter, "e", is pronounced /iː/ as in "ee". The fourth letter, "a", represents the /æ/ sound as in "cat". Lastly, the letter "c" represents a hard /k/ sound. The word "ileac" refers to the ileum, the final portion of the small intestine in humans and many other animals.

Common Misspellings for ILEAC

  • uleac
  • jleac
  • kleac
  • oleac
  • 9leac
  • 8leac
  • ikeac
  • ioeac
  • ilwac
  • ilsac
  • ildac
  • ilrac
  • il4ac
  • il3ac
  • ilezc
  • ilesc
  • ilewc
  • ileqc
  • ileax

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