How Do You Spell IM-?

The spelling of the word "Im-" is quite simple once you understand its origins. The prefix "Im-" comes from Latin and can mean "not" or "in". It is pronounced /ɪm/ in IPA phonetic transcription. This sound is represented by the letters I-M and is usually used at the beginning of words to indicate a negation or an inclusion. For example, "impossible" implies that something is not possible, while "impressed" indicates that someone is included in the group of people who are impressed.

Common Misspellings for IM-

  • 9m-
  • 8m-
  • ijm-
  • 9im-
  • i9m-
  • 8im-
  • i8m-
  • imj-
  • im-0

Similar spelling words for IM-

1 words made out of letters IM-

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