How Do You Spell INKS?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪŋks] (IPA)

The word "inks" comprises of four letters and is pronounced as /ɪŋks/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The sound /ɪ/ represents the short vowel sound found in words such as "it" and "in". The letters "nk" together represent the sound /ŋk/ which is a combination of the consonants 'n' and 'k'. The final letter 's' represents the plural form of the word. Overall, the spelling of the word "inks" accurately represents its phonetic sound.

INKS Meaning and Definition

  1. Inks refer to a viscous fluid substance that is used for writing, printing, or drawing purposes. They are typically composed of a pigment or a dye mixed with a liquid solvent or binder. The primary function of inks is to leave a visible mark on a surface when applied using a pen, brush, or printing mechanism.

    Inks come in various forms and types to cater to different applications. For instance, fountain pen inks are specifically designed for use in fountain pens, providing a consistent flow of ink and smooth writing experience. Printing inks, on the other hand, are utilized in machines like printers and offset presses to transfer ink onto paper or other substrates during the printing process.

    The color of inks can be varied and extensive, covering the full spectrum of the color wheel, including black, blue, red, green, yellow, and countless others. Additionally, inks can have different properties such as being water-based, oil-based, or alcohol-based, which influence their drying time, permanence, and compatibility with different surfaces.

    Inks have been essential tools for human communication and artistic expression since ancient times. They have played a crucial role in the development of writing systems, the dissemination of information through books and newspapers, and the creation of beautiful artwork. Today, inks continue to be widely used in both personal and professional settings, enabling individuals to express their thoughts, preserve important documents, and produce visually appealing prints.

Common Misspellings for INKS

Etymology of INKS

The word "inks" comes from the Middle English word "ynke", which is derived from the Old French word "enque" or "inke". These Old French terms can be traced back to the Latin word "encaustum", meaning "purple or red ink". The Latin word itself originates from the Greek word "enkauston", which refers to a type of red or purple ink used for writing, derived from "enkaiein", meaning "to burn in". The etymology of "inks" thus reflects the historical use of colored inks for writing and drawing purposes.

Similar spelling words for INKS

Conjugate verb Inks


I would ink
we would ink
you would ink
he/she/it would ink
they would ink


I will ink
we will ink
you will ink
he/she/it will ink
they will ink


I will have inked
we will have inked
you will have inked
he/she/it will have inked
they will have inked


I inked
we inked
you inked
he/she/it inked
they inked


I had inked
we had inked
you had inked
he/she/it had inked
they had inked


I ink
we ink
you ink
he/she/it inks
they ink


I have inked
we have inked
you have inked
he/she/it has inked
they have inked
I am inking
we are inking
you are inking
he/she/it is inking
they are inking
I was inking
we were inking
you were inking
he/she/it was inking
they were inking
I will be inking
we will be inking
you will be inking
he/she/it will be inking
they will be inking
I have been inking
we have been inking
you have been inking
he/she/it has been inking
they have been inking
I had been inking
we had been inking
you had been inking
he/she/it had been inking
they had been inking
I will have been inking
we will have been inking
you will have been inking
he/she/it will have been inking
they will have been inking
I would have inked
we would have inked
you would have inked
he/she/it would have inked
they would have inked
I would be inking
we would be inking
you would be inking
he/she/it would be inking
they would be inking
I would have been inking
we would have been inking
you would have been inking
he/she/it would have been inking
they would have been inking


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