How Do You Spell INLEAGUED?

The word "inleagued" is spelled with the prefixes "in-" and "leagued". The prefix "in-" means not or without, while "leagued" means to join or unite with others for a common purpose. Therefore, "inleagued" means not united or not joined with others for a common purpose. The word is pronounced as /ɪnˈliːɡd/ with emphasis on the second syllable. Its use is less common in modern English but may be encountered in historical texts.

Common Misspellings for INLEAGUED

  • unleagued
  • jnleagued
  • knleagued
  • onleagued
  • 9nleagued
  • 8nleagued
  • ibleagued
  • imleagued
  • ijleagued
  • ihleagued
  • inkeagued
  • inpeagued
  • inoeagued
  • inlwagued
  • inlsagued
  • inldagued
  • inlragued
  • inl4agued
  • inl3agued

16 words made out of letters INLEAGUED


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