How Do You Spell INTERVENE?

Pronunciation: [ˌɪntəvˈiːn] (IPA)

The word "intervene" is spelled with seven letters, starting with the letter "i" followed by "n", "t", "e", "r", "v", and "e". The first syllable is pronounced as "in" with the short "i" sound represented by the IPA phonetic symbol /ɪ/. The second syllable is pronounced as "tur" with the short "e" sound represented by the IPA phonetic symbol /ɛ/. The last syllable is pronounced as "veen" with the long "e" sound represented by the IPA phonetic symbol /i:/.

INTERVENE Meaning and Definition

  1. Intervene is a verb that is commonly used to describe the act of coming between or involving oneself in a situation, often in order to prevent or alter the course of events. It implies taking action or stepping in to mediate, support, or influence a particular outcome.

    The term intervenes can signify both physical and metaphorical actions. In a physical sense, it can indicate stepping between two arguing parties to stop a conflict or to calm down a heated discussion. In a metaphorical sense, intervention can be utilized in various contexts, such as politics, law, or personal relationships. For instance, it can involve a third party intervening in a dispute to bring harmony or resolution by offering advice, arbitration, or negotiation.

    Intervening can also imply interfering or intruding in someone else's affairs without being invited or welcomed. This could be viewed positively or negatively, depending on the intentions and consequences of the intervention. Sometimes interventions are seen as positive acts of support, protection or guidance, while in other cases, they may be seen as overstepping boundaries or imposing one's own agenda onto others.

    Overall, to intervene means to involve oneself in a situation, often to impact or change the course of events, whether through actions, advice, mediation, or interference. It is an active and purposeful engagement aimed at influencing or redirecting events for the benefit of those involved or affected by the situation.

  2. • Intervention.
    • To come or be between persons or things; to happen between acts or events; to interpose.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of INTERVENE

The word "intervene" comes from the Latin word "intervenire", which is made up of two parts: "inter", meaning "between", and "venire", meaning "to come". In Latin, "intervenire" originally referred to the act of coming between or interposing oneself. Over time, this meaning evolved to include the idea of coming between two parties in order to settle a dispute or prevent an action. This concept of interfering or interrupting has carried over into the modern English meaning of "intervene", which refers to taking action or becoming involved in a situation in order to alter or change the course of events.

Idioms with the word INTERVENE

  • intervene with sm or sth To intervene with someone or something means to get involved or take action in order to prevent a problem or to influence the course of events in a particular situation. It refers to stepping in or interfering in order to bring about a change or to help resolve an issue.
  • intervene in sth The idiom "intervene in something" means to become involved or interfere in a situation or event, typically with the intention of solving a problem or preventing negative consequences. It refers to someone taking action or stepping in to change the course of events or influence the outcome.
  • intervene in something The idiom "intervene in something" means to become involved or meddle in a situation or problem that does not directly concern or involve oneself. It typically involves taking action or providing assistance to alter or influence the outcome of the situation.
  • intervene with someone or something To "intervene with someone or something" means to come between or get involved in a situation or relationship in order to have an influence, mediate, or prevent something from happening. It often implies taking action to resolve a conflict, offer assistance, or provide guidance.
  • intervene between The idiom "intervene between" means to come in or insert oneself in the middle of a situation or conflict involving two or more parties. It refers to taking action or interfering in order to resolve or alter the course of events between those involved.
  • intervene between (sm and sm else) The idiom "intervene between (someone and someone else)" means to come between or mediate in a situation or conflict involving two or more people. It refers to taking action, often as a third party, to resolve or control a dispute or prevent further escalation between individuals or groups.
  • intervene between (someone and someone else) The idiom "intervene between (someone and someone else)" means to come between or interpose oneself in a situation or conflict between two individuals, often with the aim of mitigating or resolving the issue. It refers to the act of stepping in or playing a mediating role between two people who are involved in an altercation or dispute.

Similar spelling words for INTERVENE

Conjugate verb Intervene


I would have intervened
you would have intervened
he/she/it would have intervened
we would have intervened
they would have intervened
I would have intervene
you would have intervene
he/she/it would have intervene
we would have intervene
they would have intervene


I would have been intervening
you would have been intervening
he/she/it would have been intervening
we would have been intervening
they would have been intervening


I would intervene
you would intervene
he/she/it would intervene
we would intervene
they would intervene


I would be intervening
you would be intervening
he/she/it would be intervening
we would be intervening
they would be intervening


I will intervene
you will intervene
he/she/it will intervene
we will intervene
they will intervene


I will be intervening
you will be intervening
he/she/it will be intervening
we will be intervening
they will be intervening


I will have intervened
you will have intervened
he/she/it will have intervened
we will have intervened
they will have intervened


I will have been intervening
you will have been intervening
he/she/it will have been intervening
we will have been intervening
they will have been intervening


you intervene
we let´s intervene


to intervene


I was intervening
you were intervening
he/she/it was intervening
we were intervening
they were intervening




I had intervened
you had intervened
he/she/it had intervened
we had intervened
they had intervened


I had been intervening
you had been intervening
he/she/it had been intervening
we had been intervening
they had been intervening


I intervene
you intervene
he/she/it intervenes
we intervene
they intervene


I am intervening
you are intervening
he/she/it is intervening
we are intervening
they are intervening




I have intervened
you have intervened
he/she/it has intervened
we have intervened
they have intervened


I have been intervening
you have been intervening
he/she/it has been intervening
we have been intervening
they have been intervening


he/she/it intervene


I intervened
you intervened
he/she/it intervened
we intervened
they intervened


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