How Do You Spell INTI?

The word "inti" is often spelled with an "i" at the beginning and end, and a "t" in the middle. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word would be represented as /ˈɪnti/. This reflects its origin as a Quechua word, the traditional language of the Inca Empire. However, it is also sometimes spelled as "inca" or "inka" in English, reflecting the various ways the sound of the original word has been transliterated in different contexts.

Common Misspellings for INTI

  • intti
  • intii
  • ynti
  • mnti
  • hnti
  • i.ti
  • ifti
  • ilti
  • ioti
  • in4i
  • inpi
  • invi
  • inui
  • inty
  • intm
  • i nti
  • in ti
  • int i

Similar spelling words for INTI

Plural form of INTI is INTIS

10 words made out of letters INTI

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