How Do You Spell IRON?

Correct spelling for the English word "iron" is [ˈaɪə_n], [ˈa͡ɪ͡ən], [ˈa‍ɪ‍ən]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of IRON

  1. [=i]'urn, n. the most common and useful of the metals: an instrument or utensil made of iron, as a hand-harpoon, &c.: a golf-club with an iron head, more set back than the cleek: strength: (pl.) fetters: chains.--adj. formed of iron: resembling iron: rude: stern: fast-binding: not to be broken: robust: dull of understanding.--v.t. to smooth with a smoothing-iron: to arm with iron: to fetter.--adjs. I'RON-BOUND, bound with iron: rugged, as a coast; I'RON-CASED; I'RONCLAD, clad in iron: covered or protected with iron.--n. a vessel defended by iron plates.--ns. I'RON-CLAY, a yellowish clay containing a large quantity of iron ore; I'RONER, one who irons; I'RON-FLINT, ferruginous quartz; I'RON-FOUND'ER, one who founds or makes castings in iron; I'RON-FOUND'RY, a place where iron is founded or cast.--adj. I'RON-GRAY, of a gray colour, like that of iron freshly cut or broken.--n. this colour.--adjs. I'RON-HAND'ED, having hands hard as iron; I'RON-HEART'ED, having a heart hard as iron: cruel.--ns. I'RON-HEAT'ER, the piece of metal heated in the fire for a laundress's box-iron; I'RONING, the act of smoothing with hot irons; I'RONING-BOARD, a smooth board covered with cloth, on which clothes are laid for ironing; I'RONING-MACHINE', a machine for hotpressing cloth, hats, &c.; I'RON-LIQ'UOR, iron acetate, a dyers' mordant; I'RONMASTER, a master or proprietor of ironworks; I'RONMONGER, a dealer in articles made of iron; I'RONMONGERY, a general name for articles made of iron: hardware; I'RON-MOULD, the spot left on wet cloth after touching rusty iron; I'RON-SAND, sand containing particles of iron ore: steel filings used in fireworks.--adj. I'RON-SICK (naut.), having the iron bolts and spikes much corroded.--n. I'RONSIDE, a man of iron resolution: (pl.) a name given to Cromwell's irresistible horse.--adj. I'RON-SID'ED, having a side of, or as hard as, iron: rough: hardy.--ns. I'RONSMITH, a worker in iron; I'RON-STONE, a term usually applied to any ore yielding iron; I'RONWARE, wares or goods of iron.--adj. I'RON-WIT'TED (Shak.), unfeeling, insensible.--n. I'RONWOOD, applied to the timber of various trees on account of their hardness.--adj. I'RON-WORD'ED (Tenn.), in words as strong as iron.--n. I'RONWORK, the parts of a building, &c., made of iron: anything of iron: a furnace where iron is smelted, or a foundry, &c., where it is made into heavy work.--adj. I'RONY, made, consisting, or partaking of iron: like iron: hard.--ns. CAST'-[=I]'RON, a compound of iron and carbon, obtained directly from iron ore by smelting; ITAL'IAN-[=I]'RON, an instrument for fluting linen or lace.--IRON AGE, an archæological term indicating the condition as to civilisation and culture of a people using iron as the material for their cutting tools and weapons: a period of cruel tyranny; IRON BARK TREE, a name given in Australia to certain species of Eucalyptus (q.v.); IRON CROWN, the ancient crown of Lombardy, so named from a thin band of iron said to be made from one of the nails of the Cross; IRON ENTERED INTO HIS SOUL, the bitterest pang of grief has touched his heart.--BESSEMER IRON, pig-iron suitable for making Bessemer steel.--HAVE TOO MANY IRONS IN THE FIRE, to be trying to do too many things at once; IN IRONS, having fetters on; RULE WITH A ROD OF IRON, to rule with stern severity. [A.S. iren; Ger. eisen.]

Common Misspellings for IRON

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Usage Examples for IRON

  1. He himself delighted to be known as the man of " Blood and Iron." - "Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights" by Kelly Miller
  2. I am no man of iron. - "Jimgrim and Allah's Peace" by Talbot Mundy
  3. Everything is ready except the iron. - "Triplanetary" by Edward Elmer Smith
  4. Tom wasted no time trying to understand him, but bringing forth his iron button he held it out silently. - "Tom Slade with the Boys Over There" by Percy K. Fitzhugh
  5. He opened the iron door and looked out. - "A Man and His Money" by Frederic Stewart Isham

What does iron stand for?

Abbreviation IRON means:

  1. Idaho Regional Optical Network
  2. Integral Resource Optimization Network

Conjugate verb Iron


I would have ironed
you would have ironed
he/she/it would have ironed
we would have ironed
they would have ironed
I would have iron
you would have iron
he/she/it would have iron
we would have iron
they would have iron


I would have been ironing
you would have been ironing
he/she/it would have been ironing
we would have been ironing
they would have been ironing


I would iron
you would iron
he/she/it would iron
we would iron
they would iron


I would be ironing
you would be ironing
he/she/it would be ironing
we would be ironing
they would be ironing


I will iron
you will iron
he/she/it will iron
we will iron
they will iron


I will be ironing
you will be ironing
he/she/it will be ironing
we will be ironing
they will be ironing


I will have ironed
you will have ironed
he/she/it will have ironed
we will have ironed
they will have ironed


I will have been ironing
you will have been ironing
he/she/it will have been ironing
we will have been ironing
they will have been ironing


you iron
we let´s iron


to iron


I was ironing
you were ironing
he/she/it was ironing
we were ironing
they were ironing




I had ironed
you had ironed
he/she/it had ironed
we had ironed
they had ironed


I had been ironing
you had been ironing
he/she/it had been ironing
we had been ironing
they had been ironing


I iron
you iron
he/she/it irons
we iron
they iron


I am ironing
you are ironing
he/she/it is ironing
we are ironing
they are ironing




I have ironed
you have ironed
he/she/it has ironed
we have ironed
they have ironed


I have been ironing
you have been ironing
he/she/it has been ironing
we have been ironing
they have been ironing


he/she/it iron


I ironed
you ironed
he/she/it ironed
we ironed
they ironed