How Do You Spell IS SMITTEN BY?

Pronunciation: [ɪz smˈɪtən bˈa͡ɪ] (IPA)

The phrase "is smitten by" is spelled with the IPA phonetic symbols /ɪs ˈsmɪtən baɪ/. The word "smitten" is the past participle form of the verb "smite", meaning to strike or hit. In modern usage, it's commonly used to describe someone who's strongly attracted to someone or something. The phonetic spelling consists of the short vowel "i" sound followed by the consonant cluster "sm" pronounced with a short "i" vowel, and ending with the stressed syllable "ten" and the word "by" pronounced as "baɪ".

IS SMITTEN BY Meaning and Definition

  1. "Is smitten by" is an idiomatic expression referring to a strong feeling or infatuation towards someone or something. It is often used to describe being deeply attracted to someone, typically in a romantic or admiration context.

    When someone is "smitten by" someone else, it means they've had a sudden and intense emotional impact that captures their attention and arouses warm feelings of affection or fascination. This feeling usually involves a sense of being spellbound or captivated, rendering the person unable to think of anything or anyone else.

    The term "smitten by" is often associated with love or a strong liking where there is a profound emotional connection. Those who are smitten are frequently consumed by positive emotions, admiring qualities and characteristics of the person or thing that has captivated them.

    This expression can be used to describe the initial stages of a romantic attraction, where one person becomes enraptured by the charms, attractiveness, or charisma of another. However, it can also be used more broadly to describe a deep and passionate interest or admiration for someone or something beyond romantic feelings.

    In summary, "is smitten by" signifies being deeply affected and enchanted by someone or something, often resulting in intense emotions and an overwhelming desire to be close to or to pursue the object of affection.

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